Ravaging Times

chapter 298

Of all the heroes in the world, who could act this way?
(ambiguous, it could also be interpreted as “who can be as highly-regarded as him”)


[?]: The battlefield will only bring death!
(“the battlefield is dangerous, destroying all living things”)

[?]: Without military training it’ll be suicide for you to go out there!

[?]: Go home! Please!

chapter 298 The Legend Returns

[?]: Do you hear me!

[?]: That bloodthirsty Cao Cao has brought calamity upon Xuzhou time and again! We’re sick of it!

[?]: Second master defends the lives of us peasants. How can we stand by and do nothing?

[?]: Tell second master that we’ll fight this criminal to the death!
(“…won’t go home…”)
[?]: We live or die as loyal men of Xuzhou!

[?]: Everyone…

[Guan Yu]: I will always follow my big brother. Surrender is out of the question.

[GY]: Besides, the people of Xuzhou won’t give up without a fight!

[GY]: I appreciate your good intention, brother.
(“…virtuous younger brother…”)

[GY]: Deputy, please escort General Zhang out safely.

[?]: After you, General Zhang.

[Zhang Liao]: Brother,
(“virtuous older brother”)

[ZL]: I want you to understand that it was meant to be for the Greater Good. Alas.
(“…things didn’t turn out as I wished, a pity”)

[ZL]: If you insist on dishonoring yourself, why should I bother.

[ZL]: Goodbye.

[GY]: Wait.

[GY]: What are you trying to say?

[ZL]: I never forgot what Imperial Uncle Liu said to me that day.

[GY]: What did big brother say to you?

[ZL]: This place…

[ZL]: Once under the White Gate Tower,
[ZL]: I, too, wanted to fight alongside my brothers till the end.

[ZL]: But Imperial Uncle Liu changed my life with his speech.

[ZL]: Except now the tower is empty. Everything returns to the absurd feudal ways.

[ZL]: I can feel that you’re struggling.

[ZL]: The exterior and the interior are in conflict.

[ZL]: On the outside there’s the ethical demand from the sages.
[ZL]: But on the inside you’re blaming yourself for this misstep.

[ZL]: You wonder if Imperial Uncle Liu’s bloodline would end because of you.

[ZL]: Shh, let your heart do the talking.
(“don’t use mouth, use your heart to answer”)

[ZL]: What is Loyalty (and Righteousness)?

[ZL]: What is the Greater Good?

[ZL]: And what… is reality.
(“what, is reality”; the pause is for dramatic effect)

[ZL]: I’ll wait for you here.

[ZL]: Go see your two sisters-in-law.

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: General Yue Jin has returned.

[Yue Jin]: Advisor, is it really safe to let Zhang Liao go in alone?

[Guo Jia]: Guan Yu is an honorable man. He would not take advantage of anyone.

[YJ]: You seem to value Guan Yu highly,

[YJ]: disregarding even the congregation of Yuan Shao’s forces at Beihai.

[YJ]: Liu Bei must be very important to them for such a massive southward mobilization.

[GJ]: Liu Bei is the current head of the Imperial clan. Getting him to be on their side will strengthen Yuan Shao’s reputation.

[GJ]: Our Lord’s image, on the other hand, has suffered. It’s troubling.

[YJ]: But you seem unconcerned.

[GJ]: General Yue, it’s true that Liu Bei is an important person.

[GJ]: But don’t you remember who’s in Xiapi?

[GJ]: As long as he lives,

[GJ]: Liu Bei means nothing.
(“what of Liu Bei?”)

{sfx: ta}

[?]: Live and one can accomplish much more.

[ZL]: It also takes more courage to live than die.

[ZL]: What does the Greater Good mean to you, brother?

[ZL]: Can you cross that line?
(“…walk across/pass it”)

[GY]: Take care of things for me, brother.
(not literally referring to the weapon, not my interpretation anyway)

[ZL]: I will guarantee the safety of Liu Bei’s son,

[ZL]: and peacetime for Xuzhou.

{sfx: pa}

[GY]: Thanks.

The capability to rise beyond one’s stake in a reputation
(not sure; “able to transcend personal persistence for reputation”)

is a rare trait for such a resolute and steadfast man.

Upon revisiting the White Gate Tower, I am once again shaken.
(“…face with a shocking imagery”)

Perhaps the God of War of yesterday is gone…

Today a new era of the Warrior Saint has begun!

And this era

shall outlast any dynasty.
(not sure)


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