Ravaging Times

chapter 301

[?]: It’s been too long since we last saw each other.

[?]: Don’t give me that crap. Let’s cut to the chase!

[?]: The Sun clan is going against your goal,
(“…going in the opposite direction…”)

chapter 301 What Goes Around, Comes Around
(or more concisely, “Karmic Retribution”)

[Zhou Yu]: so why are you here, shidi?
(“…what is your intention”, shidi = “male lowerclassman”)

[Pang Tong]: You know I hate Cao Cao.

[PT]: I’ll gladly support anyone who’s capable of challenging him.

[PT]: Cao Cao’s tyranny has turned the world against him. This is where things are headed.
(not sure)

[PT]: Yuan Shao, Liu Biao, Ma Teng and the likes have already encircled Cao Cao.

[PT]: Everything’s ready, except for the “Loyalist Sun Clan” of the east(ern region).

[PT]: Aside from being dutiful, you must know that it’s also a perfect opportunity to empower the Sun clan.
(slightly distorted)

[ZY]: That’s not your concern. I have my plans!

[PT]: It’s a heavy burden you carry, guarding Jiangxia – the first line of defense for the eastern region.

[PT]: What with Liu Biao, the Taiping cult, and now Cao Cao; it’s no easy feat to deal with them all.

[PT]: Having to manage so much on a daily basis, I fear for your health.
(“…one day you won’t be able to hang on”)

[ZY]: Cao Cao is prepared. Our advance from Lujiang needs further deliberation.

[PT]: No, I’m just following shixiong’s plan.
(shixiong = “male upperclassman”)

[PT]: Or should I say, a repeat tactic.

[ZY]: So it is.

[PT]: You only need to exploit one weak point to make Cao Cao lower his guard.

[ZY]: You should know that this is a very dangerous move!

[ZY]: And you know what kind of person our first shixiong is.

[ZY]: We’re doomed if he doesn’t join the fight!

[PT]: You think I would rely on him?

[?]: Untie him.

{Xu Gong}
[Xu Gong]: I owe you much for the “care” you gave me over these past days.
(“over these days… I receive much ‘care’ from Young Mister, I feel apologetic”)

[XG]: But what a relief it is to be free at last.
(could be a euphemism for execution)

[Sun Ce]: Yes. Removing a thorn like you would help me sleep too.

[XG]: Since this is the end, I must ask you one thing.

[SC]: For my next move, I will hunt in the Xu capital.

[SC]: Maybe one day the world will be my hunting ground.
(“…ride through the world, hunt for every kind of strange beast”)

[SC]: Does that answer your question?

[XG]: My life is not wasted then, to die in the hands of such a Conqueror.

[SC]: Go.

[SC]: You get a head start because I respect you as a real man.
(“…go first…”)

[SC]: Will the Way of Taiping illuminate believers like you, or will Heaven bless the Sun clan?

[SC]: Perhaps Heaven is already dead…

[XG]: I say Heaven is jealous of talented men!

{sfx: pa}

[SC]: What’s happening on Cao Cao’s side?

[Taishi Ci]: Yuan Shao’s army has arrived in Qingzhou while Cao Cao has regained Xuzhou. His forces were divided again to hold that territory.

[TSC]: As a result, Cao Ren‘s main troop must be ready to assist any front.
(slightly distorted)

[SC]: Yuan Fang’s army is larger. Cao Cao will definitely transfer his (southern) troops northward if he is unable to push back the enemy.

[SC]: Therefore he is waiting for an opportunity to secure the south;
(“…to repel the tiger and engulf the wolf…”)

[SC]: waiting for the Taiping cult to eliminate me for him.

{sfx: cha}

[?]: He’s hid!

[SC]: That’s what a hunt should be.

[SC]: It’s a game of wit between the hunter and the prey.

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: Hush.

[?]: Hush.

[?]: Here he comes.

[?]: Good weather or not, that guy sure loves to hunt.

[?]: Get ready.

[?]: One…

[?]: Two…

[?]: Three!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Young… Young Master!
[?]: Young Master has been ambushed!

[XG]: He’s hit!

[?]: The arrows are poisoned. He’s a goner!

[?]: It seems Heaven is on our side after all!

[?]: Hurry, commander Xu!

[?]: Hurry!

[?]: Young Master!

[TSC]: Bo Fu, no… no…
(Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name)

[?]: AHH… NO…

[SC]: Let them go,

[SC]: so they can spread the news.

[SC]: Cao Cao will no doubt drop his guard after “my” death.

[SC]: We’ll still have the element of surprise even if Yuan Fang doesn’t follow through.
(“…does not send troops”)

[SC]: Tell Pang Tong to prepare a troop to annihilate the Taiping cult.

[SC]: And once they settle the unrest, tell them to return to help me attack Cao Cao.

[SC]: Heaven is still on our side.
(“…still bless/protect my Sun clan”)
[SC]: Go.

[SC]: Are you lost in thought again, Cheng Pu?
[Cheng Pu]: Mm.

[SC]: Today’s hunt led to another death…

[SC]: Perhaps it reminds you of Ling Cao again…

Can’t you see that Sun Ce’s cruelty brings misery to the people?

[CP]: I see it.

It will be very easy for you because you’re so close.

[CP]: When we’re alone and I hear the word “hunt”…

[CP]: I… will do one thing.

Something that will change the world.


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