Ravaging Times

Volume 38

Back Cover Couplet
Crossing the river to shoot for power; preying on deers like a hunt for the world

Previously on Ravages
Cao Cao sends an attack force to Xuzhou; Sun Ce plots an ambush on the capital

Ravages Afterword
Throughout the ages, mankind has always lived with some kind of belief system.
The rulers of every dynasty must do a song and dance with various religion.
This persists even to this modern day.
Terrorism or Martyrdom, both have their standards. Not even civilization could resolve the conflicts.
Religion is not to blame, because the culprits are hatred and selfish motives.
It’s really sad that they use faith as a weapon, forgetting that the core values are love and kindness.
(This sure sounds like the lyrics to some second-rate underground/indie band. Haha!)

Dear God, please keep Three Kingdoms a mainstream topic, and make it so that nobody rips me a new one no matter how much I re-write the legend. And please grant me Infinite Renbu!

Next on Ravages
The Battle of Guandu
Volume 39
A Torrent of Flesh And Blood


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