Ravaging Times

chapter 302

Master Sun said, speed is of the essence in war; one should exploit the unpreparedness of the enemy.

If the enemy moves fast, I (should) move faster.

[?]: Spill it! Where did your circuit commander go?

[?]: Off… officer, I don’t know! Honest!

chapter 302 The Way of Taiping On Its Way Out

[?]: Take away anyone who’s related to the Taiping cult!

{Huang Gai}
[Huang Gai]: You mean the gatekeepers let Yu Ji‘s group leave without questioning them?

[?]: Forgive my incompetence. I didn’t notice any unusual behavior of my subordinates until it was too late.

[?]: It was a clean getaway (overnight). They were well prepared.

[Zhang Zhao]: The city is crawling with their spies. We must stay calm and pretend like nothing has happened.

{Zhang Zhao}
[ZZ]: Who could’ve imagined that things would turn out this way…

[?]: He… left too soon.

[?]: The third battalion has arrived!

[?]: The spies report that the cities (in the Eastern Region) have been sealed off to limit communication.

[?]: It has been disturbingly quiet.
(“very quiet/still… disturbingly so”)

[Yu Ji]: Imperial Uncle, do you still think that Sun Ce is alive?
(“…still suspect…”)

[Liu Ye]: Sun Ce has faked his death before. I’m just a little concerned.

[YJ]: My assassins are the best of the best.
(“…can’t find one amongst ten thousand men…”)

[YJ]: And after much training, how could they miss?

[LY]: (Indeed, since) I have witnessed their skill myself.

[YJ]: A commander’s death must always be followed by an embargo of information. The army must be under control within a hundred days before the news can be announced.

[YJ]: You’re a knowledgeable person, Imperial Uncle. How can you not know about methods of internal management?
(not sure; any better wording? “appease internal”, “domestic control”?)

[YJ]: What we’re seeing now is their concerted effort to keep the cities under control. A highly suspicious move, (if you ask me).

[YJ]: I dared to leave the city because I’m confident (about what happened).

[YJ]: Besides, even if Sun Ce survived…

[YJ]: I haven’t ran out of ways to kill him.

[?]: Sir.

[?]: News from the Wu province say Zhu Zhi is now the Grand Administrator of both provinces.
(probably “prefect” instead of “province”, but oh well)

[YJ]: That means Cheng Pu has been replaced.

[?]: Yes, and all of his close associates have disappeared.

[YJ]: Hahaha, Heaven is on our side.
(“…protects/blesses my way/cult”)

[YJ]: Cheng Pu has helped me accomplish this one last move.

[LY]: You’re very good at using people, Great Saint. I’m deeply impressed that you were able to eliminate Sun Ce’s number two man at the same time.
(“…use of soldier/military/forces is godly…”)

[YJ]: The Way of Taiping will soon dispel the rebels from the Eastern Region.

[LY]: I will now return and report this to my Lord.

Master Sun also said, take unexpected routes to attack where the enemy least expects.

If the enemy is deceptive, I (must be) even more so.

[?]: We’re almost unstoppable now that we have Cao Cao‘s backing.
(“…like a tiger with wings”)

[?]: Great Saint, we have spies in every city in the Eastern Region.
[?]: We know what all of their generals are doing.

[YJ]: What about Jingzhou?

[?]: Commander Xu Gong has escaped (his captors) and will be there soon.

[?]: If we can cooperate, we’ll be able to use Huang Zu‘s forces to keep Jiangxia in check.

[?]: And once Zhou Yu is tied down, the Eastern Region will become an easy target.

[YJ]: Then what’re we waiting for?

[YJ]: Everyone,
(“every warriors/generals”)

[YJ]: it has been ten years!

[YJ]: The Way of Taiping shall begin anew!

[?]: Great Saint, we’ve waited so long for this moment!


[YJ]: Heaven is on our side!
(“Heaven protects/blesses my cult/way”)

{sfx: cha}

[?]: Great Saint!

[?]: Cliff… on the cliff!

[?]: Hunt.

[Cheng Pu]: When I hear this word,

[CP]: I… will do one thing.

[CP]: Make the Way of Taiping

[CP]: a thing of the past!

[CP]: The arrow is poisoned.

[CP]: That’s a return favor from the dead “Sun Ce”.

[YJ]: Oh.

[?]: A… an army is outside the valley!

{army movement sfx}

[?]: Great Saint… we’ve been surrounded!

[YJ]: Ugh.

[?]: Aren’t you an immortal?
(“don’t you know how to use celestial techniques”)

[Pang Tong]: But you don’t look so good.
(“why does your face show such ugly color”, meaning the person is ill/sick/pale)

[PT]: As the Sixth Genius Fledgling Phoenix,

[PT]: I’m here to carry out my master‘s order and to advocate Master Kong‘s teaching:

[PT]: Keep gods and demons at a respectable distance!

[?]: So,

[?]: what do you think of Cheng Pu’s acting?

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Xu Gong!?

[Xu Gong]: They… they followed me…

[XG]: Our western camps… have been discovered…

[XG]: Cheng Pu’s associates surrounded them… Our… our main force has been destroyed!

{crowd gasp}

[YJ]: Then… then that means…

[PT]: The Little Conqueror has left us.

[PT]: But he’s moving so fast-

[PT]: you’ll never catch up.
(“that’s why you’ll never catch up”)

In the gusty moonless night,
(“moon dark wind high”, a related Chinese idiom is 風高放火,月黑殺人, essentially saying, “start a fire when the wind is strong; kill people when it’s dark out”)

a troop on a covert mission is moving at an alarming pace.
(“…ambush troop…”)


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