Ravaging Times

chapter 307

{bell sfx: gong! gong! gong!}
(sounds more like “dawn dawn dawn”)

[?]: The enemy is coming! Board the ships!
{bell sfx: gong! gong! gong!}

[?]: Hurry! There’re many of them!

[?]: Set up the shoreline defense! Don’t let enemy ships dock!

[?]: By traveling in the fog…

chapter 307 The Return of A Warrior
(could be plural, but might just be the prominent figure at the end)

{Huang Zu}
[Huang Zu]: they managed to come within earshot of us.
(“the fog dissipates, very close”)

[?]: Sun Ce‘s navy moves so fast it’s like they’re moving on land.

[?]: My Lord, the Taiping army agreed to fight Sun Ce with us, so they should be here.
[?]: Something must’ve gone wrong.

[HZ]: They’ve bypassed them all. Go warn our downstream forces of this incoming threat.

[?]: Prep the main troop. We’ll go and help them.

[?]: No need to send the main army.

[HZ]: You mean they’re not after those ports?

{Liu Biao‘s military advisor, Kuai Yue}
[Kuai Yue]: Those are of no use to them. What they really want is a clear passage over the river.
(not sure)

[KY]: If we move downstream, they’ll come here. They intend to wear out our forces.

[KY]: Having taken our warships, that boy no longer sees us as a threat.

[KY]: Sir, they’ve already declared war on Cao Cao

[?]: Any news?

[?]: They reached Hefei within five days.

[?]: Advisor Pang orders you to keep the river passage clear.

[?]: Our supply line will be secure as long as we have this route.

[?]: Inform Pang Tong that I have gained control (of the river).
[?]: He can send out the second wave now.

[?]: Yessir, right away.

[?]: Hm.

{Lu Xun}
[Lu Xun]: Too soon…
(“too fast”)


[?]: Sir, the first wave of enemy reinforcements has arrived.

[?]: Their flag says Chen!

{Grand Administrator of Guangling province, Chen Deng}

[Chen Deng]: Set up!

[Lü Meng]: They’re Cao army’s reinforcements from Sheyang.

[LM]: We’ve pushed Cao Cao closer to Hefei. Our ambush at Lujiang should…

[Sun Ce]: You must be tired after fighting all day…

[LM]: Haha, even the Little Conqueror could get a tummy-ache.
(“can”? “could”?)

[SC]: Making it this far has already surpassed my highest expectations.

[SC]: I want to keep going too.

[SC]: But my ride is too scared to move any further.
(“…this animal/beast…”)

[SC]: It was frustrating to watch Cao Cao escape right before my eyes.

[LM]: It’s not just your ride that’s shaking.
(“…you are shaking too, my Lord”)

[LM]: The man who could stop you must not be ordinary.

[LM]: Guan Yu, is it?

[LM]: I swear to the heavens that one day I shall bring down Guan Yu.
(“…present Guan Yu’s head (to you)…”)

[SC]: You?

[LM]: No one understands how I fight.
(“my art of war is beyond the comprehension of the masses”)

[SC]: Yes. Only men like you are unafraid of him.

[SC]: But you still need to read more if you want to improve.

[LM]: You nag worse than my mother, you know that?
(“how can you nag more than my mother”)

[SC]: Know thy enemy and thyself, then no battle will be lost. How’s that for nagging?
(“…is that more annoying than your mother’s nagging”)

[SC]: Let me show you something.

[LM]: Yessir.

[?]: Defend!

[?]: Defend!

[?]: Team two, attack again!
[?]: Charge!

[?]: Switch!

[?]: Switch formation!

[SC]: Like a sword, right?

[SC]: Taishi Ci and Zhou Tai have tried many times but failed to break it.

[SC]: Their soldiers are like the sword and the two cliffs box us in. It’s hard to breach this blockade.
(not sure)

[SC]: One should build on the strength of various schools of military arts.
(not sure)

[LM]: Damn it! He’s taking Cao Cao with him!

[SC]: My greatest regret is not having won the loyalty of this man.

[?]: Sheath!

[?]: Wall formation!

[Zhang Liao]: Thank you, (little) Sun!
(“…you whose surname is Sun”)

[ZL]: My fighting spirit has been fully awakened.

[ZL]: Sheath.

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Maintain this wall! Wait for the archers!

[?]: Sir! Taishi Ci has withdrawn his army!

[?]: So has Zhou Tai!
[?]: And their main army!

[ZL]: Hear me now – if you return to Hefei,

[ZL]: you will face a different Zhang Liao!

With that thing firmly clasped on his head,

it’s as if he’s once again enjoying that tainted sense of vanity.
(not sure, this grammar is confusing for me to interpret the exact meaning)


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