Ravaging Times

volume 39

Back Cover Couplet
The curtain of war ignites in Guandu; the flame withers on the Conqueror’s lamp
(oil-lamp has the connotation for life)

Previously on Ravages
The fearless Conqueror shocks the world; the Warrior Saint and his superior stead rock the heaven

Ravages Afterword
The Ravages franchise is finally able to introduce a novel at this year’s Book Show/Convention.
It is named by me and penned by Wang Yi Xing (“Wong Yi Hing”), a famous writer.
It’s not the type of work that simply “moves text from one place to another” (???). Instead, it stemmed from a reader’s deep analysis/understanding of the source, and it evolved into an original novel (that serves as a side story).
You can see for yourself whether or not this “rough historical novel” –
when given to a writer that’s capable of creating a river in the literary desert –
could (possibly) start to smell like lotus leaves and even make spoiled meat have fragrance; just like how “Yi De” can be a meticulous brute.

One day, Uncle Sunny tells Zhang Fei: Wang __ Xing jumped into the river…
Mm… mm… that’s deep.
This novel accommodates the skill of the original author.

Next on Ravages
The clouds dissipate, the sky clears, and the (scorching) sun burns like a sword!
The singing of cranes from the marsh can be heard across the sky!

Volume 40
Yuan Fang Spreads His Wings


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