Ravaging Times

chapter 310

[?]: Father,

[?]: father…

[Sun Jian]: You are…?

chapter 310 A Hundred Days of Pain

[Sun Ce]: It’s me, your son.
(“father, it’s Ce-er”)

[SJ]: Son? Oh yes, my son Sun Ce.

[SJ]: I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t seen him in a while.

[SJ]: First the Yellow Turban rebellion, followed by Dong Zhuo‘s domination in the courts…
(“…interference with the politics”)
[SJ]: Imperial Han was in constant danger because the warlords all had ulterior motives. I really should spend more time with my family.

[SJ]: Right now Luoyang is burning. If you see my son, tell him to help us put out the fire.

[SC]: I’m already here, father. Don’t you recognize me?

[SC]: I… I’m Sun Ce.

[SC]: I’m Sun Ce.

[SC]: Sun Ce!

[SC]: You… really don’t recognize me?

[SJ]: How can I not?

[SJ]: One day that handsome boy shall become an outstanding figure.

[SJ]: And the two of us shall roam the land side by side, in service of Han.

[SJ]: But… you say you’re my son…

[SJ]: With all that tainted clouds over your face,

[SJ]: you look like a corrupt vassal to me!

[SJ]: I don’t have such an unworthy son!
(“when did I have this kind of unworthy son”)

[SC]: No, father!

[SC]: You misunderstood!
[SC]: I really am Sun Ce!
[SC]: Sun Ce!

[SC]: Father!

[SC]: Father!

[SC]: Don’t go, the smokes are really thick here.
[SC]: Where’re you going?

[SC]: Wait, father!

[SC]: Father!

[SC]: Don’t go!

[Huang Gai]: Bo Fu, calm down!
(Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name)
[HG]: It’s only a dream!

[SC]: Father, father!

[?]: Young master,
(“second gong-zi”, like Sima Yi’s title at home)

[?]: The poison on the arrow was too strong to be fully cleaned out.
[?]: It has severely damaged our Lord’s eyes,
(“our Lord’s eyes have been deeply affected by the poison”)

[?]: rendering him completely blind.

[?]: If we don’t remove his eyes, the corroding poison may infect the brain and then…
(“if don’t gouge the eyes, afraid the rotting poison could invade brain, and life…”)

[SC]: Father, where are you?

[SC]: I can’t see anything!
[SC]: My eyes are suffocating in this black smoke…
(“black smoke fumigate/suffocate eyes, my eyes…”)

[SC]: They hurt so much!
(“my eyes, hurt a lot”)

[Cheng Pu]: Bo Fu, don’t claw at the wound!

[?]: Get a hold of him!

[SC]: My eyes,

[SC]: my eyes…

[SC]: can’t see anything!

[SC]: I… I remembered…

[?]: Stop moving, Bo Fu; your wound hasn’t healed yet!

[Sun Quan]: Big brother, it’s me…

[SQ]: Zhong Mou, it’s Zhong Mou.
(Zhong Mou is Sun Quan’s courtesy name)

[SC]: Bullshit!

[SC]: You’re Yu Ji, you’re definitely Yu Ji!

[SC]: It was you who shot me!

[SC]: Who’re you people? Let go of me!

[SC]: It’s so dark in here, but do you think you can hide from me?

[SC]: I see you running away! One to the corner,
(“I see, you’re running…”)

[SC]: now you’re climbing on the beam;
[SC]: one, two…

[SC]: Great, there are more and more of your doubles!

[SC]: Come! I’m not afraid of you!

[SC]: I’ll kill every one of you!
(“come one, kill one”)

[SC]: Are you seeing this, father?

[SC]: I’m killing these Yellow Turban bastards for you!
(“Ce-er is killing the bastard offsprings of the Yellow Turbans”)

[SC]: Wicked men everywhere, and corrupt vassals…
(“not only bandits/criminals causing chaos…”)

[SC]: Betraying Han and waging war against dishonorable warlords – I did it all to avenge your death!

[SC]: They killed you, you… yes… yes…

[SC]: You already died… You’ve been dead for years…

[SC]: Father… father…

[SC]: I… miss you so much.

[SC]: I miss you so much!

[?]: Young Master, where’re you going?
[?]: Come back!

[Zhang Zhao]: Don’t chase him. Let him walk it off.

[ZZ]: It has been nearly three months. It’s too hard on him.

[ZZ]: A heavy burden awaits him.
(“in the face of a thousand jin burden in the future”)

[ZZ]: Do you think a teenager can handle it…
(“you must wonder if a teen-aged kid can handle it”)

Big brother…

Big brother…


Waking or sleeping, I do nothing; from my eyes and nose the water streams.



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