Ravaging Times

chapter 312

{West of Puyang, Baima}
(or “Boma”, if you prefer)

[?]: Pull back to a defensive stance!

[?]: Cover their retreat!

[?]: Guard the drawbridge!

chapter 312 The Battle of Baima

[?]: Raise the bridge!

[?]: Look, Liu Yan.

[?]: It’s like a swarm of locust out there.
(“so many it’s like they are locust”)

{cavalry charging sfx}

{flag reads: Yan}

[?]: The enemy cavalry has bypassed us!

[?]: They have bypassed Baima!

[?]: Right now the Yuan army appears to be everywhere.
(“blanket the sky cover the ground…”)

[?]: Troops from Yecheng have all been sent to Liyang to prepare for their march southward.
(“city of Ye”)

[?]: And several more have reached Wuchao and Yangwu.

[Xun You]: Fighting has begun in Juancheng and Puyang as well.
(“city of Juan”)

{Cao Cao‘s military advisor, Xun You}
[XY]: Their army arrived in full force – pushing back all of our troops that were once deep in their territories.

[XY]: The Yuan army is heading straight for the core of our operations. They seem to want to take the capital at all cost.

[XY]: They bypass Baima to gain advantageous terrain. To do so they’d have to travel light and wait for rations to follow.

[XY]: We maintain a defensive stance to let them pass and move deeper into our territories.

[XY]: The Battle of Baima is meant to obstruct their supply line. Thus we can’t lose this position.

[XY]: The enemies travel light. Therefore when setting up ambush in the woods our men must do the same.

[XY]: We have the upper-hand when it comes to supplying our troops.
(“in terms of supply, we surpass our enemy”)

[XY]: But there’s a world of difference when it comes to military strength…

[?]: Baima can be held, Advisor Xun, but the neighboring cities…
(“cities’ administrators/masters”)

[XY]: Are you afraid they’ll switch sides if pressured?

[?]: Yes. Most of the lords around here have ties to the royal family…

[?]: Sir! The fifth military report!

[XY]: Who’s here now?
(“who came?”)

[?]: Their flag says Yan. Commander Yan Liang has arrived first!

[XY]: As expected. Who’s next?

[?]: There is another troop without a flag,
[?]: but he must be someone important!
(“someone with a big background”)

{sfx: cha}

[XY]: Hm.

[?]: You’re here.
(“you came”)

[?]: Empty streets. Empty sacks.
(“no person, no food”)

[?]: Absolutely nothing.

[Mi Zhu]: It’s the same for the neighboring cities too. They’ve all been forcefully evacuated.
{Liu Bei‘s Attendant Clerk, Mi Zhu}

[MZ]: We came for nothing, my Lord.

[Liu Bei]: A supply route is still necessary then.
(“looks like the supplies still have to be sent from the rear”)

[LB]: Notify Yuan Shao that my contacts here have all been evacuated.
(“…those who have made an agreement with me…”)

[?]: Any other news?

[MZ]: According to the peasants, second master was here.

[MZ]: My Lord, he… he surrendered.

[LB]: He was here…

Yun Chang
(Guan Yu’s courtesy name)

[?]: One troop directly east of us!

[?]: The enemy army has arrived!

[?]: Cavalry, formation!

{Yuan Shao’s General-In-Chief, Yan Liang}
[Yan Liang]: Look at that-
(“you all look”)

[YL]: a mere fragment of a defense against our great army.
(“with big army encroaching, only a scattered defense force”)

[YL]: We’re like the powerful Qin picking on the weaker states back in the day.
(“our army is powerful, it’s like back then strong-Qin-oppress-the-weak situation”)

[?]: General, the scout reports that the enemy has no reinforcements nearby.
(the little footnote on the right is about an archaic term for “scout”)

[?]: Three thousand infantry against twenty thousand cavalry forces.
[?]: There’s no chance in hell for that commander to win no matter how skilled he is.
(you can eliminate “in hell”, since that’s me trying to be witty, haha)

[YL]: That Cao army commander must’ve lost his mind!
(“…completely insane”)

[YL]: Find out who’s in charge.

[?]: Yan Liang commands the main army while Liu Bei leads the secondary troops.
[?]: One of our infantry man for every seven of their cavalry…

[Guo Jia]: You’re just too good to me, dear Heaven.

The enemy is strong, but my will is unshaken.
(“…my aspiration does not retreat”)

I have no regrets even if I were to die nine times over.
(quoting from Qu Yuan‘s writing; there is a variation on the translation that some say is more accurate? but this version makes sense and serves its purpose)


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