Ravaging Times

volume 40

Back Cover Couplet
Pursue like a whirlwind; attack like thunder and lightning

Previously on Ravages
Warrior Saint’s presence on the battlefield is like a helping hand from God; but Heaven does not protect the Little Conqueror

Ravages Afterword
Recently some readers have asked why there hasn’t been any cool fight styles during battle, that they’re just clashing using brute-force? Frankly, I had intended to portray it this way.
Based on historical records, the courageous warriors mentioned in The Records of Three Kingdoms have always won through strength.
That’s why there isn’t much fluff, though the gore remains on the ruthless battlefield.
The focus is on the people. This isn’t a mainstream fighting comic- no flying, no training, and not about weapons. That’s what Ravages readers insist on.

Sir! Sales have plummeted!
Change! Genderbend everyone! Mage-fy the advisors! Exposure! Saint Seiya style “Outfits”! Boy’s Love!
Do it all!

Next on Ravages
On the surface, anti-hero and rebelling vassals duke it out at Guandu.
Below the surface, someone with a wolf’s head-turn schemes for power while another knows no fear!

Volume 41
Coordinated Operation From Above and Below


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