Ravaging Times

chapter 318

{south of Yan Ford, Nanban}

chapter 318 A Battle West of The Ford

[Xiahou Yuan]: Yuan Shao‘s army has already pushed their way to the southern part of Yan Ford?
[?]: Yes.

{Xiahou Yuan}
[XHY]: My, my. So they didn’t station in the city and have all come here.

[?]: They rested there but did not stay. Our enemies will still be coming at us like a sea of clouds.
(“only rest, but did not stay. Our army will still be facing an army that’s like a sea of cloud”; I think the imagery of “cloud” and “sky” is important in this chapter, so this might sound more awkward than the simplified version of “facing a sea of enemies”)

[?]: Our ambush teams have all returned, since they dared not confront the enemy.

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Their secondary army is turning toward the west!

[XHY]: That soon?

[?]: Advisor Guo Jia has just arrived at the west of the ford, but while making camp they’ve already spotted enemy troops.

[?]: So they’ve already been lying in wait along the ford.
(“…assigned ambush at Yan Ford, waiting for opportunity”)

[?]: They moved very fast because they had a guide. The situation is dire.
(whether it’s “a guide” or “guides” is up to you)

[XHY]: And not a single report from Yan Ford…

[XHY]: People are so hard to predict it’s depressing!
(“person’s heart difficult to predict, makes one feel short of breath”)


it’s frightening how many of our people have “ties” to Yuan Shao!

{sfx: ta}
{flag reads: Guo}

[Wen Chou]: Guo Jia.

[WC]: Phooey!
(“pei”, the onomatopoeia sound, “pei”, of spit but without necessarily spitting for real, as in “ptoo”)

{west of Yan Ford, Guo Jia’s main encampment)

[WC]: Why were you late?

{Yuan Shao’s General-in-Chief, Pang Ji}
[Pang Ji]: Our soldiers were fighting over large amounts of supplies left by the fleeing enemy. We’re… really sorry about the delay!
(“enemies abandoning the city left large amounts of supplies, soldiers fought over them, caused delay… really sorry”)
{Ze Ling}

[WC]: The Cao army makes a habit of abandoning supplies to cover their retreat. Tell the troops to not let greed be our ruin.
(“…don’t let greed cause big event to fail/miss”)

[WC]: Guo Jia is outside the camp. Prepare the troops to fight.
[Pang Ji and Ze Ling]: Yessir.

[?]: The enemy has bypassed our main camp.
[?]: Our troop is in formation and is ready to fight!

[?]: Do we know the enemy stats yet?
(“found out enemy’s details?”)

[?]: Sir! It’s Wen Chou’s flag. This is not the secondary troop –
(“report! …flag Wen Chou…”)
[?]: it’s their main army!

[Yue Jin]: Hoo, we’ve been ambushed.
[GJ]: Tough it out, Yue Jin.

[YJ]: Yue Jin’s troop, engage!
(“…enter formation”)

[PJ]: Guo Jia’s army has abandoned their main camp and their rations.

[PJ]: Come! We’ll see how long you can last!

[?]: Engage!

[WC]: Middle flank, keep it even!
(not sure, “flat/plain formation”?)

[WC]: Infantry in the middle; cavalry as wings.
[WC]: Do not pursue if they retreat. Guard the midway!
(“(if) enemy retreat don’t move in…”)

[WC]: My riders, go in from the left side!



[WC]: Follow me!


[Ze Ling]: General Wen has entered from the left!

[ZL]: Riders, go in from the right side and out the left! Engage!

[?]: Break!


[?]: Sir! Our middle flank has been split up!

[YJ]: Oh no, don’t lose contact with them!
(“…be careful not to lose communications with them”)


{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Sir, our middle flank has scattered!

[GJ]: Cao Hui, guard the middle!
[Cao Hui]: Yessir!

[?]: Cao Hui’s army, engage!
(“…enter formation”)

Where is their flaw?


[?]: Head for the middle!

[?]: Sir, the enemy troops have converged!

[?]: It… it’s their secondary troop…

[YJ]: Deputy, find Wen Chou!

[YJ]: He couldn’t have disappeared!

{sfx: dahn~}

[?]: Come!

[PJ]: Yue Jin is retreating! Pull!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Sir! Yue Jin’s troop formation has been pulled out of shape!

[?]: Sir! Cao Hui is retreating; the midway has been breached!


{sfx: cha~}

Did he descend from the heavens?
(“…this guy…”, but together they don’t read very well)

[WC]: Spread the wings.

[WC]: Go.

Moving in and out without a trace. What a brilliant maneuver!

[WC]: Break.

It’s flawless!

That is first shixiong‘s art of war!
(“shixiong” = “male upperclassman”)

He is already… within striking distance!
(“he is already as close as…a ruler/yardstick away”)


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