Ravaging Times

chapter 320

[?]: Their secondary troop has retreated into the left valley.
(“the enemy’s…”)

[Xu Huang]: We’ll cut in from the side and upset their formation!
(“our troop..”)

[?]: Xu Huang’s army, engage!
(“…enter formation”)

[?]: Third team, engage!
[?]: Second team, engage!

chapter 320 Mind Game

[?]: Our front ine has been disrupted. Pull back to reshape the formation!

[?]: Exit through the valley!

[?]: Oh no, up there!

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

{flag reads: Yue}

[Yue Jin]: Squeeze’em from behind! Don’t let the enemy pull out!
(“from behind pincer attack…”)

[YJ]: Wen Chou, I’m back!


I made a name for myself in Hebei.

In the army I was known for my precise calculation.
(“have always been well-known for my precise/detailed calculation in the army”)

But right now I can’t make heads or tails of this formation,
(not sure)

[Zhang Liao]: Don’t worry, I’m not Guan Yu.

nor the man who is better at this game than I.

[ZL]: But,

{sfx: dahn~}

But not that far off.

He and Guan Yu are neck and neck.

We thought we were using Liu Bei to “curb” Guan Yu…

But now…

another one comes onto the scene!

Damn it!

This isn’t a well-planned battle!

It’s beyond my expectation! Stay calm, stay calm!

He’s also trying to figure out…

whether I’m getting scared.

[ZL]: Come back!

[Wen Chou]: Fill the gap!
(“refill position”)

[WC]: Block him!

[ZL]: Wen Chou!

[ZL]: The stones of another hill may be used to polish gems!
(the translation here is not as clear on what he could mean; the original implication is that someone from a different country/ruler/loyalty may serve his current master/purpose to accomplish great things; the modern variation on the usage is to say, you can learn from the mistake of others to better yourself; reader MarquisBlack suggests, what [ZL] probably means is that by fighting others, one – such as Cao Cao – can make [his] subordinates become even more skilled.)

{sfx: shoo~}

A stone of another hill…

Yan Liang, we thought we knew Cao Cao’s generals like the back of our hands.

Yet even with all that meticulous pre-planning, we’ve overlooked two men!

Young Master

I have seriously underestimated the enemy!

Beware of Guo Jia.

That man, that man…

is just too damn formidable.

[ZL]: I’ll say it again.

[ZL]: No one
(“there has never been anyone”)

[ZL]: can get past

{sfx: zing}

[ZL]: the reach of my sword.
(“my sword circle”)

Lü Bu‘s fighting prowess, Chargers’ courage, followed by Zhang Liao and his eight hundred able warriors.

Fifteen years later, eight hundred warriors followed the reach of a sword and fended off an army of a hundred thousand strong. Zhang Liao’s valor is without parallel in China’s history.


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