Ravaging Times

chapter 321

[?]: Order from the front says to set camp behind the valley!
(not sure if this is an order for the rations transport or Wen Chou’s cavalry that’s up ahead)

[?]: Rations won’t be able to keep up if we don’t move faster.
[?]: General Wen is so fast, having already pushed tens of li into hostile ground.
(“going deep tens of li, Wen daren is really fast”)

[?]: Sir!

chapter 321 A Letter of Challenge From The Best
(“the most powerful letter of challenge”)

[?]: The enemy blocked the valley passage using rations,

[?]: then ambushed us from all sides,
(“four direction ambush arrived in attack”)

[?]: plunging our hindered troops into disarray.
(“our army didn’t pass through in time, main troop in the valley became chaotic”; not sure if “hindered” is a good term here; it’s referring to a slowed army, not just locked in place)

[?]: General Wen was ambushed… he was…

[?]: He was killed by the Cao army!

[?]: Hurry! Report back to the rations escort!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: The scouts of their rations escort have all been taken care of!
(the little side note is explaining an archaic military terminology of “scout”; since I’m translating it as “scout”, it makes no sense to translate this note to “scout, blah blah for scout”)

[?]: General, Yuan Shao‘s rations transport is up ahead!

[Yue Jin]: Let’s go and seize all of their rations!

[?]: Enemy… enemy ambush!
[?]: Formation! Protect the rations!
(“…protect rations cart/wagon/carriage”)

[?]: Bad news, old Xu!
(“…oh no”)

[?]: They…

The main army’s defeat is really devastating to our morale!
(“main army wiped out, this blow is too big”)

[?]: Damn you good-for-nothings!
(“*&$%, useless things”)

{midnight, south of Yan Ford}
(“deep night…”)

{sfx: dahn~ dahn~ dahn~}

[?]: Is it the Cao army?
[?]: Impossible! How could they be here?

[?]: Go notify the commander!

[?]: Didn’t the Cao army withdraw from Yan Ford? How…

[?]: The enemy is swift, General. It’s too late!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Sir! The south gate is down.
(“report!… already broken”)

[?]: The enemy is heading this way!
(“enemy coming from there killing through to here”)


[?]: Break!

[?]: Second battalion enters camp!
[?]: Third battalion too!

[Zhang Liao]: We’ve been on the move through day and night. Doesn’t it tire you, Advisor?

[Guo Jia]: Speed is vital in war. The time to defeat the enemy is when they’re off guard.

[GJ]: Exhausted, perhaps; but I’m exuberant.
(not sure about last part)

{sfx: cha~}

[Xiahou Dun]: Miao Cai, isn’t this exhilarating?

[Xiahou Yuan]: Ha, now this is the art of war!
{Xiahou Yuan’s courtesy name is Miao Cai}

In June of year 200, the Cao army routed the Yuan army at Yan Ford; killing Wen Chou and seizing several encampments.

[?]: Where’s your camp master?
[?]: He was killed by Cao Cao’s general Blind Xiahou!

[?]: Our main troops couldn’t get ready in time,
[?]: resulting in huge casualties during the raid!

[?]: Sir! Our army has collapsed due to the chaos in the camp!

[?]: How many troops are we dealing with?
(“enemy has how many troops?”)

[?]: Two by the Xiahou brothers, with Xu Huang‘s troop to the left.

[?]: Guo Jia’s troop is right behind us, while Yue Jin is attacking our camp from behind the hills!

[?]: Too fast, it’s way too fast.

{Yuan Shao’s general, Zhang He}
[Zhang He]: We’ve just arrived, but already our forces at the front line have all been routed.
{flag reads: Zhang}

[?]: General Zhang!

[ZH]: How’s the situation?

[?]: Multiple enemy troops… with a sum of over thirty thousand men.

[?]: Many of our commanding officers have died in battle, and the soldiers have scattered.
[?]: What we have left are merely a few hundred wounded.

[ZH]: Send word to gather those wayward men.
(“task person hurry/rush there, summon together scattered soldiers”)

[ZH]: We’re going to fight to the death.

[ZH]: Did you hear me?

[?]: But, the enemy outnumbers…
(“…enemy crowd big…”)

[ZH]: I have three thousand here.

[ZH]: Even though I’ll be the only officer,

[ZH]: it’ll be fine once over ten thousand men are gathered.

[?]: Formation!

[ZH]: A motley crowd doesn’t mean a lost cause.
(“motley crowd, might not lose for sure”)

[ZH]: The commander’s ability is what matters.

[GJ]: Zhang Liao.

[GJ]: Dispatch a defense force to our left.
[ZL]: Left?

[GJ]: Look. The enemy is regrouping rather quickly.

[GJ]: It’s their letter of challenge.
(in English I could translate it to “they’ve thrown down the gauntlet”, but then I’ve lost the word “challenge” in this to reflect the title)

[GJ]: They’re few but orderly. Looks like their confidence has returned.

[GJ]: He… is finally here.

[GJ]: The disparity in strength may be great, but not enough to overshadow the desire to win…
(his or his opponent’s desire? The last part can be translated as “competitiveness”, but sounds lackluster here)

[GJ]: I’ve waited years for this moment.
(“I’ve waited bitterly many years, just awaiting this moment”)

[GJ]: The moment when I consult the very best.
(“…the most powerful”; “ask for advice” here is a passive-aggressive saying, like how a smart alec pupil wants to stump the teacher)

With my life.
(“consult using life”)


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