Ravaging Times

chapter 324

[?]: Headcount!

[?]: Second battalion, about four-tenth loss!
[?]: Third battalion, about two-tenth loss!

chapter 324 Between Hammer And Anvil
(“stomach back facing/takes-on enemy”)

{Yangwu . Cao army’s main encampment}

[?]: After Yuan Fang‘s reinforcements arrived we have been beaten to a full retreat.
(slight ambiguity with “Yuan Fang” versus “Yuan’s side”, but either way it’s the same, so not too much problem)

[?]: Three enemy troops used the opportunity to push into our rear base and have clashed with Cao Ren‘s army.

[?]: Even though Xun Yu is in command, his forces will still be on the defensive…
(“…in a passive stance”)

[?]: This camp is now under threats from two sides.
(“this camp at this moment is now being pincer-attacked from front and back”)

[?]: Rations transport will be a dangerous operation, my Lord.

[Cao Cao]: Hoo.

[?]: Who knew a smattering of desperate soldiers could hold their own against Guo Jia‘s main army, long enough for their reinforcement to arrive.

[?]: Yuan Fang’s ingenious formation caused our morale to hit rock bottom.

[?]: But they won’t be able to live down the humiliation of losing General Yan and Wen early on.
(“even if the enemy is more fearsome, still can’t cover the earlier loss-of-general-Yan-and-Wen humiliation”)

[?]: My Lord, Advisor Guo’s military meeting is about to start.

[CC]: Ha.

[CC]: Is that guy not tired?
(when I say it out loud this sounds slightly unnatural, suggestion? or am I overthinking it?)

[?]: That’s the full extent of Cao Cao’s military strength.

[Gao Lan]: By numbers that’s just half of my troop.

{Gal Lan}
[GL]: And compared to our army in total, that’s only one-tenth of our Hebei forces.

[GL]: Your victory led to a major boost in morale, Chief Controller.

[GL]: Clansmen of various provinces have been sending congratulatory letters ever since the news traveled back.

[GL]: Many have decided to join you, Young Master. Your influence is now unshakable…
(“…expressed to join…”)

[GL]: The biggest hurdle now is the supporters of your two brothers.
(“…of the two gongzi…”)

[GL]: One more step,
(“short of one step”)

[GL]: and you shall hold the greatest influence in the world.

[Yuan Fang]: Not far now.

[YF]: It’s here.
(no subject in the sentence, so it could also be “here they come”)

[?]: Our other reinforcement is here.

[GL]: The Taiping Cult?

[GL]: Young Master, isn’t… isn’t this…

[YF]: Are you afraid it’ll change our war of anti-tyranny into a rebellion?

[YF]: It won’t.
{Zuo Ci}

[YF]: It won’t backfire. Countless will answer to our call.

[YF]: After all, there is a reason to nurture a fighting force.
(“the so-called nurturing soldiers, must have a day when they will be used”)

[YF]: When the two are combined, it’ll be like a fish to water.

[YF]: He should be there by now.
(no subject again, so this “he” is implicit)


[?]: Round up Cao Cao’s men!

[?]: Get that flag out of my sight!
(“somebody pull away that detestable military flag”)

{Liu Pi}
(not sure if his name should be “Liu Pi” or “Liu Bi”, but kongming.net says Liu Pi)
[Liu Pi]: My brothers,

[LP]: back then the Qingzhou regiment had no choice but to surrender to Cao Cao.
(“…were forced by the circumstances…”)

[LP]: But the people of Runan never forgot what the Way of Taiping set out to achieve!
(“…Taiping Dao’s aspiration/goal…”)

[LP]: Brothers, right timing, right place,

[LP]: and today even the valiant are with us.
(purposely vague because I’m not sure if he’s saying these men are the valiant fighters, or that Yuan Fang’s forces are fierce, or if he’s only referring to Liu Bei who has a powerful reputation)

[LP]: Having lived in shame for all these years, now’s the time for vindication!

Go ahead, protective talisman; show me what you can do!
(lucky charm ™!)

{flag reads: Liu}

In July of year 200, Yellow Turban leader Liu Pi and other rebels of the Runan province turned on Cao Cao and submitted to Yuan Shao.

Yuan Fang sent Liu Bei to aid their efforts. Hoping to escape from Yuan Shao, Liu Bei went willingly.

Because of Liu Bei’s personal involvement, people from many territories responded, adding to the growing strength of the Runan rebel forces.

And the situation really got out of hand.

[?]: Left side,
[?]: fire on the left side?

[?]: Fire arrows heading this way! Watch out!
(sorry about the semantic/syntax confusion, but how else should I call it? “flame arrow”? “burning arrow”? “inflamed arrow”?)

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Slowly move toward the camp walls!
[?]: Sir! Siege on the left!

[?]: Fifth battalion, hold! There’re too many arrows!

[?]: Old Cai, how does it look up there?

[?]: Go aid the wall defense at the seventh camp!

[?]: The volley has stopped. Forward!

[?]: Wait… wait a minute!

[?]: Nock!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Look out! Incoming again!
(“…arrows again coming”)

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Are you okay, master Dun?

[Xiahou Dun]: Send order to move the main camp back a bit.

{sfx: cha}

[XHD]: A rain of arrows. It’s shocking how rich they are.

[Xun You]: I doubt you’re bringing good news this time.

[XHD]: Jia Xu says he won’t be able to come due to Runan’s rebellion.

[?]: That means our supply line is nearly cut.

[?]: Two major setbacks.
(I want to translate it as “double whammy”, but that’s too slangy)

[Guo Jia]: Hebei has a great harvest this year. They won’t run out of rations.

[GJ]: They say Yuan Shao is indecisive. Looks like he has merely been waiting for this day…
(“…had kept his forces inactive…”)

[GJ]: First shixiong’s strategy is really eye-opening!
(“shixiong” ~ “male upperclassman”)

[XHD]: Xun Yu is trapped, Jia Xu is under attack. It may just be impossible to pit three Geniuses against one.
(“…in order to combine three Geniuses to eliminate trouble, looks to be harder than climbing to the sky”)

[GJ]: First shixiong is still afraid of us three “cobblers”.
(Chinese idiom “together three cobblers can surpass one Zhuge Liang”; one interesting explanation; it’s an anachronism, since Zhuge Liang is not widely known yet)

[XHD]: So… are these two the substitutes?

[XY]: I’m no match for my uncle.
(“I certainly don’t have my youngest uncle’s skills”)

[GJ]: But this one is not that far off from third shixiong.
(“shixiong” ~ “male upperclassman”)

[?]: You flatter me, Advisor.

[?]: To be invited to participate
(“to have the fortune to participate”)

[Sima Yi]: has certainly made this life worth living.
(“certainly not having lived in futility”)

Because he realizes that his opportunity has arrived.


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