Ravaging Times

Volume 41

Back Cover Couplet
Victory at Guandu within grasp; proud wolf at Hebei devours

Previously on Ravages
Zhang Liao’s raid finishes Wen Chou; Yuan Fang’s ingenious formation defeats Guo Jia

Ravages Afterword
The older I get, the pickier I become. (actually it’s the narrowing of the mind)
This describes how frequently (or infrequently) I read comics these days.
Even though the company I work at has thousands upon thousands of comics free for me to read, I’ll either think the story is too childish, or feel there is too much text. (not unlike Ravages, one might argue) Shonen (blood-stirring), kawaii, or harem type comics are, frankly, sore spots for us folgeys.
Fortunately there are still rare gems outside of the mainstream, such as “Suicide Island” and “Vinland Saga”.
Perhaps readers who’re living in retirement homes like me would be interested!

You sure own a lot of comics, gramps~
And it’s just one series… That old-as-dirt-SOB still hasn’t gotten to the ending…

Next on Ravages
Sharing common ground – fight the enemy with their enemy.
The crane soars through the gate of heaven; the phoenix takes flight at dawn
Volume 42
Burning Wuchao


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