Ravaging Times

chapter 328

[?]: Fifth team, get ready!

[?]: Attack!

[?]: Fifth round of enemy attack!
[?]: Archers get ready! Target the area fifty steps in front of the heap!

chapter 328 Escalating Counter-Strategies
(“sky/heaven earth attack/offend defend”, possibly a wordplay with “hitch-ride sky cart” for the heaven part, and “mud/earth/soil bag tactic” for the earth part)

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Go all at once! It’s only a step away!

[?]: Target the pile in front of us.
(“…earth/soil bag heap/pile”)

[?]: Stack!

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Advisor, the heaps are getting higher.
(or should I say “taller”?)

[Xun You]: Prepare our internal defenses and the assault outside the gate.

[?]: Tell master Dun and Cao Hong to make preparation!

[?]: Deploy the troops. The goal is two thousand kills!

The earth stacking method. That’s already the eighth tactic tried this month.
(“mud bag tactic…”; is there a precedence translation for this military strategy?)

Yuan Fang, your profound extent of knowledge is really eye-opening.

[?]: I’m going up!

{sfx: pong~}


[?]: Fifth team, take the walls first!

[?]: Sir! The Yuan army made it onto the camp wall!
[?]: Two teams are heading inside!

[?]: Take it from here, master Dun!

[?]: Another round, another tactic, another long day…
(“one/each troop one/each/distinct tactic/method, from morning to night”)

[Xiahou Dun]: So god damn exhausting!
(“…almost tired to death”)
{Han Hao}

[?]: General Han, the enemy is almost here!

[Han Hao]: Ambush team, go around their back!


[?]: Mobile unit, get around them!

[?]: General, two thousand men have come in!

[?]: Lock them in and pound them!
(“seal camp, shut door hit dog”)

[?]: Lock us in?
[?]: By the likes of you?

[?]: By, me.

[Xu Chu]: Hoo.

{sfx: pong~}

[XC]: Stand, down.
(“dismissed” or “leave”)

{sfx: pong~}

[XC]: Men, down there.
(“soldier, go-down camp”)

[?]: Get rid of the rucksacks.

[?]: Hurry! Once the mud dries it’ll form a wall!

[XC]: How about it? Want, to, attack?

[XC]: If not,

[XC]: here I come!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: General, the enemy has exited the camp!

[?]: By the flag it appears to be Cao Hong’s cavalry!

[?]: Go.

{Cao Hong}
[Cao Hong]: Scatter their troop!

[?]: The mud-baggers have retreated.

[?]: Those on the right side has also been beaten by Xiahou Yuan.

[?]: They attacked the right side using high-platforms,

[XY]: with the intent to lure away our catapults…

[?]: Sir! The enemy has cleared the battlefield on the left.

[XY]: Cleared, which means they’re bringing war engines again.
(“…big carts/wagons”)

[XY]: Officers, the First Genius is about to reveal a new trick.
(he actually said “first shixiong yuan”, but again, it feels weird for him to use this honorific when he’s not from the same class)

[?]: Sir! A hundred and twenty carts.
[?]: The enemy is starting a siege!
(“…coming to attack camp”)

[?]: Their catapults have been lured away.
(“the enemy’s…”)

[?]: Siege-ramps,
(“hitch-ride sky cart”)

[?]: prepare to storm the camp!

There is also the saying, it’s as dangerous as stacking eggs and as difficult as heading for the sky.
(not sure)


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