Ravaging Times

chapter 331

[?]: The mass grave on the west side is nearly full.
(“…ten-thousand person pit…”)

[?]: Let’s dig another one on the east side.

[?]: Oh right, here’s the armistice treaty so we can bury the dead.

[?]: What? You need two days to bury them?

chapter 331 Mutual Torment On the Battlefield
(“mutual burning/frying battle field”, the first half of the title is possibly/vaguely referring to Cao Zhi‘s poem later in Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

[?]: At least. Look at how many have died.
(“this many dead, at least two days”)

[?]: Two days is fine, but the higher ups said a plague may be here soon…

[?]: What’s the rush; is Cao Cao running out of rations?
(“that impatient, looks like Cao Cao’s rations is not keeping up”)

[?]: Nonsense-

[?]: didn’t you see Li Dian delivering the rations yesterday?

[?]: Boss.

[?]: We’ve found General Li’s body.

[?]: Old Li is gone too…

[?]: There’re fewer and fewer from our village.

[?]: In this day and age, what else could we do to survive but to enlist?

[?]: Remember how the people of our village looked on with envy when you got a government job in the capital?
(“still remember that year you enter Xu be official, village people more-than-you-know envious”)

[?]: Who knew the changing times would make enemies out of those who were supposed to look out for us…
(“couldn’t conceive time shift world change, those year’s parental/guardian-officials become today’s enemy”)
[?]: Would you’ve made a different choice if you had known?

[?]: You lot have killed everyone in our village by now…
(or could be “from our village”, I’m not sure how to interpret this, because one meaning is much crueler than the other)

[?]: Boss, you’re summoned by Advisor Guo!

[?]: Alright, I’m coming.

[?]: Big brother.

[?]: Brother…

[?]: Commander Yuan told me yesterday that since the outcome is clear, if you’re willing…
(“…now overview situation is set…”)

[?]: Be your insider?

[?]: Our goals are different, little brother. We’d agree to disagree.
(“…only that words not agreeable…”)

[?]: Forget it. We’ll talk more when you get back.

[Cao Cao]: Yuan Shao‘s sons are fighting amongst themselves?

[Guo Jia]: Two of them have opposing views. Things are already destabilizing at their base!

[CC]: “Two of them.” Are you hinting at something?
(not sure)

[GJ]: You have two outstanding sons, my Lord; each has his strength…
(the fandom is clamoring about how many sons CC has at that point, so I’m going to keep this vague and not say “both of your sons”)

[GJ]: Ruling the world is different from mere governance. “Letting the capable dominate” will not work.
(“managing country and managing policies/administration different…”)

[CC]: You mean I shouldn’t think about promoting my younger son to succeed me?
(“…demote the eldest establish the younger…”)

[CC]: But the responsible thing for the world is to employ talents.
(“but in order to be responsible to the world, ‘use talents’ is the right way”)

[GJ]: Saying thus would plant the seed for endless sectarianism.
(“once you say so, sectarian/partisanship growing as thicket”)

[CC]: So Sima Yi sending us news of the brothers’ infighting…

[GJ]: On the surface it’s an advice from a loyal subject. But there’s an ulterior motive.

[GJ]: He’s pinning his hopes on Young Master Pi.
(“…appraised choice…”)

[GJ]: They’ve been rather close recently, or so I’ve heard.
(“…frank with each other…”)

[CC]: Pi-er is very fortunate to have such a fine tutor.
(diminutive suffix -er to indicate affection)

[GJ]: And, as you say…

[?]: “Loyalist” must also use power to suppress the “corrupt”.
(“loyalist should also use power, suppress the corrupt then”, second half being imperative in grammar)

[?]: But people are unpredictable. The cloven foot will reveal one day.
(“…eventually the day will come, tail come out in the open”)
[CC]: You’re managing too much, Feng Xiao. Take care of your health.
(Feng Xiao is Guo Jia’s courtesy name)

[GJ]: You have determination, my Lord.

[GJ]: Therefore as your henchman

[GJ]: I must give care to all things, big and small.

[GJ]: From the Imperial clan down to the soldiers. Prepare for the rain, so not a single drop shall leak through.
(“up to imperial house, down to little soldier…”)

[?]: What?
(the tone is more like “what’s wrong”)

[?]: Where’s that officer from this morning?

[?]: The treaty’s been signed. Please check.

[?]: Oh right…

[?]: Advisor Guo said, even brothers turn on each other on the battlefield…
(“…this is battlefield, brothers also no feeling/sentiment…”)

[?]: The man was executed because his little brother overstepped his bounds.
(“little brother did too much, caused older brother to get executed”)

[?]: Don’t think Advisor Guo’s not paying attention.
(“don’t think Guo daren doesn’t know anything”, I wanted to say “oblivious”, but may be too big of a word for this character)

[?]: Go tell Yuan Fang

[?]: Guo Jia will resume the fight tomorrow.

[?]: Excuse me.

[?]: Right…

[?]: Tomorrow the fight shall resume.

[?]: Tell Young Master that my lead has failed.

[?]: That’s okay. Young Master still has other candidates.
(“…choice to be insider”)

[?]: Ask him about adding another to tomorrow’s first wave.
(“…tomorrow vanguard adding one more”)

[?]: Your older brother has just passed. Won’t you regret being so reckless with your life?

[?]: No.

[?]: As they say, fulfill one’s mission or die trying.
(there is some online translation that says, “make or break”, but I’m iffy about it in this context)

[?]: Blame it on this man-eat-man era.
(“want to blame, then blame…”)

[?]: Okay.

[?]: Take care.

Sure, take care.

Except, take care of what?

A country no more; families no more;

and men no more…
(could also be interpreted as people becoming killing machines/monsters; or that they’re dead)

I am now… the last of my village.
(“within village…only one left is me”)

Some say, choose the right environment to settle in and look to the right people to travel with.
(the implicit translation is – find a good neighborhood for living, find a good person with higher moral/values/taste/knowledge to learn from when out in the world)

Men of different paths cannot plan for one another.


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