Ravaging Times

chapter 332

[?]: The forth camp is under attack! The enemy has made it inside!

[?]: The fifth camp is sending reinforcement.

[?]: Young Master, should we cooperate with them?
(“…should us the sixth camp…”)

chapter 332 Light Up the Conversation
(“open window light words” ~ open the window and let the light in, speak truthfully and be straightforward)

[Yuan Shang]: Tsk tsk tsk, just when I arrive in Guandu…

{Yuan Shao’s third son, Yuan Shang}
[YS]: Shen Pei, what do you think Yuan Fang is trying to say?
(“…what this meaning”)

{Yuan Shao’s subordinate, Shen Pei}
[Shen Pei]: With the midway wide open, he might be testing the strength of our army.
(not sure about first part)

[?]: Young Master, the fourth camp is requesting aid!
(“…send someone to request aid”)

[YS]: If we don’t help, Shen Pei, they’ll blame…

[SP]: Absolutely not, Young Master.
(slightly distorted)

[SP]: It has nothing to do with us; it’s their responsibility!

[SP]: Stay put. Something’s bound to happen.

{city of Ye}

[?]: How did it go?

[?]: They took it.

[old Jia]: The Xu family accepted our bountiful “contribution” on behalf of the Yuan clan.
[J]: And as you expected, Young Master, they pocketed a lot like they usually do.
(“…like used to do business, they swallowed a lot”)

[J]: This Xu family is still the incurable greedy type.
(“this xu clan still cannot change their greedy style”)

[Sima Yi]: And that’s the type I like.

[SMY]: Xu Yuan’s here. You’re dismissed.
(“…you first retreat away”)
[J]: Yessir.

[Xu Yuan]: My Lord appreciated your information very much. Now the only supply line we haven’t sealed is Runan.

[SMY]: What about that other matter?

[XY]: You mean the funding? We handed it all in, of course.

[SMY]: Ah, you misunderstood, brother Xu…

[XY]: Oh… then is it about the plan with the Imperial clan?

[XY]: The royalists were ecstatic, but it’s strange how my Lord is not that interested.

[XY]: He said to let Young Master Yuan Fang handle it.

[SMY]: Let young master Yuan Fang handle it?

[XY]: He said dealing with the Imperial clan is troublesome. How could it be done without Young Master?
(“he said Imperial clan troublesome, if no gong-zi… how to deal”)

[XY]: Don’t forget, even the mighty Liu Bei is at wits’ end about this.

[SMY]: I think the duke is wary to let Liu Bei get involved again.

[XY]: You’re right. We were just using him, after all.

[SMY]: I think joining forces with the Imperial clan will definitely empower Liu Bei,

[SMY]: and he would rather play it down.

[?]: What do you think then?
(“then why not say we-listen”)

[?]: No mercy if you get it wrong.
(“wrong, no sparing you”)

[XY]: Sir, uh, why have you returned?
(he used respectful “you” here)

[?]: What, are you worried?

[?]: Young Mister Sima,

[Yuan Fang]: I don’t have much time.

[SMY]: Right now the balance of power between the Yuan and Cao factions is extremely one-sided. The Yuan clan can still win without the Imperial clan.
(“…power difference… too great…”)

[SMY]: I believe there’s no need to raise the Imperial might.
(“…foster imperial house’s might”)

[SMY]: Drag out the terms. Once the day comes they’ll “surrender” on their own.
(“conditions delay and delay again…”)

[SMY]: We only want the emperor
(“…son of heaven”)
[SMY]: and none of the leaves.

[YF]: Weaken the royal flame and embolden our side. This will certainly help our future claim to power.

[YF]: With that opinion, you must have a way of handling the royalists.

[YF]: Frankly, it does cut out many issues.
(“…certainly less many branches”)

[YF]: Your understanding has reached the core of our strategy, Zhong Da.
(“our” is not explicitly said here)

[YF]: Proceed inside. We’ll discuss in detail.
(“you first go inside…”)

[SMY]: Yessir.

[XY]: Aren’t you worried…
(“gong-zi light-wear/armor return”)

[XY]: the third master would revolt in your absence?
(“not afraid third gong-zi revolt?”)

[YF]: He won’t be reckless because he’s the third.
(“it is because he is the third gong-zi, therefore will not cause trouble”)

[YF]: Jia Xu‘s night raid on our forth camp is meant to lure out reinforcements from the others.

[XY]: So Jia Xu won’t be able to lure out their troops and move the rations through?

[YF]: Yes. Shen Pei will make sure Jia Xu return empty-handed.
(“…no achievement and return”)

[Xu You]: Young Master, that man isn’t the same as Xin Ping and Guo Tu

[XYou]: You’ll need to do much more to hurt Yuan Shang.

[XYuan]: But with his success, Yuan Shang won’t be eager to return home.

[XYuan]: You came back to deal with his remaining supporters, perhaps?

[XYou]: They’re not the only ones to deal with…

[XYou]: The word on the street is that someone is stuffing his pockets.

[XYuan]: I had Young Master’s tacit approval to take half from the contribution.

[YF]: And because of you I was forced to return to settle things.
(“…I was implicated…”)

[YF]: People won’t be satisfied unless I preside justly.
(“(if) I don’t impartially manage, will be difficult to appease/convince crowd”)

[YF]: The Xu clan has only recently been assigned the vital task of managing our army’s ration supply. And now this set-back

[XYuan]: So the older and younger sons are finally making their move.
(“big small gong-zi’s methods, finally appearing”)

[XYuan]: Although… this money was to be used to expand your influence anyway.
(not sure)

[YF]: Haha, he has no idea who’s hurting him.
(this “he” is referring to Xu Yuan)

[XYou]: Young Master, since the Ji province has already seized the assets of Tian and Ju clans,
{note: referring to the clans of Tian Feng and Ju Shou}

[XYou]: might’s well seize ours too.

[XYou]: And this boy needs to learn his lesson in jail.

[XYuan]: Uncle, how did it come to this…

[YF]: Don’t worry. You’ll get what you want after this is all over.
(“…afterwards any benefit is there”)

[YF]: Xu Yuan, you shouldn’t trust Sima Yi so lightly just because he was a former classmate, or that he was ransacked by Cao Cao.
(“…seized assets…”)

[YF]: He was the one who spread the rumor about you.

[YF]: I didn’t tell you because you’d lose the game to him.
(“I don’t tell you truth, afraid you lose fight to him”)

[YF]: Soon you’ll be faced with embezzlement charges,
[YF]: and that boy’s going to blackmail you into telling him our supply routes.

[YF]: Guo Jia‘s defensive strategy will make it difficult for us to win.
(“…tortoise-neck-withdraw strategy…”)

[YF]: He wants to cut off our supply of rations, so we’ll let that tortoise extend its head too far in to pull back.

[YF]: There’ll be less issues if we strike first.

[YF]: Xu You.
[XYou]: Here.

[YF]: Sima Yi wants a pawn like Xu Yuan, but I’ll give him a general instead.
(to me this sounds like he’s referring to the Chinese Chess pieces; although you could argue otherwise)

[YF]: I want you to go see Cao Cao and play the role of a victim.

[XYou]: Of course. We were classmates for years, and have always treated each other honestly.

[XYou]: What I say will be true. He wouldn’t know what to do with me.
(“I say truth…”)

[YF]: Cao Cao is short on rations, so you’ll be his guide.
(“…lead him out”)

[YF]: With the rations at Wuchao,
(“I at wu chao”)

[YF]: I’ll burn him alive.
(“use rations, burn dead him”)

Some say enemies are everywhere.
(“some say the enemy is in light and in shadow”)

And others say I’m both loyal and treacherous?
(not sure; does it mean “in-between loyalty and treachery”? too many omission in the sentence, and it’s not a common phrase for me to fill in the blank)


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