Ravaging Times

Volume 42

Back Cover Couplet
One shot for three eagles; five lives for the truth

Previously on Ravages
Jia Xu reveals his deceitful military oath; Yuan Fang masterminds a fake collusion

Ravages Afterword
In the natural world, a near-death elephant would go away silently to a place to die, called an elephant graveyard.
In the comics world, there is a drawer in my work desk that would occasionally serve as that silent deathbed for little cockroaches.
It is astonishing how many corpses there are, and no amount of effort on my part could stop these “sirs” from making that drawer their unnamed mass grave. Since there’s nothing I can do, I’ve resigned to fate, or let it be Fengshui… Perhaps it is a magical desk with mystical powers.
And one day the British Museum will purchase it at a high price.

How long ago was your last spring cleaning?

Next on Ravages
Cao Cao, an anti-hero and the biggest proponent of Master Sun‘s Art of War.
Yuan Fang, a genius who holds the most contempt for Master Sun’s Art of War.
The two most powerful methods of war in the Three Kingdoms period.
Meng De’s methods of war versus Feng Hou’s Eight-Unit Formation

Witness the the epic final battle of Guandu!
Volume 43
The Surprise That Laid in Wait for A Thousand Days.


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