Ravaging Times

chapter 333

[?]: Ladder-army, forward!

[?]: Forward!

[?]: The Yuan army is here again!

[?]: Hold fast!
(“hang on”)

chapter 333 Brothers In Arms
(“spear handle/pole brothers”; this is a wordplay on the modern usage of the hanzi for “spear”, which is “gun”; there may or may not be subtle or coincidental(?) reference to the Chinese civil war)

[?]: Voles, it’s about to start!

[?]: It’s pretty much done. Everyone, pull out!
(“almost, everybody retreat”)

[?]: You guys down there, get out!

[?]: You hear me?

[?]: No response. Probably suffocated.

[?]: Forget them then. Proceed!

[?]: Horses!

[?]: Go!

sfx: pa
sfx: pa
sfx: pa

sfx: pa

{sfx: pa}

{crumbling sfx}

{crumbling sfx}

{crumbling sfx}

[?]: We’re losing over here! Get us more men!
(“here not doing well, more transfer men here”)

[Xiahou Dun]: Yuan Fang, is that all you’ve got?

sfx: crack
(sounds like “bong”)

{crumbling sfx}

By October of year 200, Cao Cao‘s side grows weaker in the face of Yuan Shao’s overwhelming forces.
(“…Cao Cao gradually situate in weaker position”)

{crumbling sfx}

{sfx: sha~}

[?]: Collapsed! The gate walls have collapsed!
[?]: The voles have done it!

[?]: First wave, forward!


[Cao Cao]: Things may be looking up for the Yuan army…
(“…seems to be entering a favorable situation”)

[CC]: Hold’em back. Don’t let them come in.

[CC]: So, where were we?

[Li Dian]: Xun Yu believes that many at our homebase are questionable.

[LD]: There are instigators in the capital causing a climate of fear.

[CC]: Finally showing themselves…

[LD]: Yes. They felt the wind shift and are colluding with Yuan Fang.

[LD]: And the recent shortage of rations from Yanzhou-

[LD]: seems to me those businessmen may be having second thoughts…

[LD]: I have a list of names…

[LD]: if you dare to look, my Lord.
(“my master dare to look?”)

[CC]: I bet quite a few of them are my friends…

[LD]: Not only friends, but brothers too.

[LD]: In this screwed-up era, my Lord,

[LD]: It’s hard enough just to live,
(“staying alive is already hard”)

[LD]: and the only thing you can trust…

are the arms of war!
(“…only this spear…”; I’m not completely happy with this translation, but it ties in with the title)

[?]: Rrr.

[XHD]: Huff.

[?]: Die.

[Xiahou Yuan]: Brother!
(“big brother”)

{sfx: cha~}

[XHY]: Watch out.


Big brother…


People of my village…
(“our village people”)

you are all here…

A bustling world is made up of people seeking to benefit themselves.


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