Ravaging Times

chapter 334

{city of Ye}

[?]: Look, that one with the straw hat.

chapter 334 The Cost of Doing Business
(“merchant mutual injure die-young”; obviously not a direct translation; according to readers who speak Cantonese, this title in Cantonese is a homonym wordplay “seung1 seung1 seung1 seung1”, in Mandarin it’s off by one “shang1 xiang1 shang1 shang1”; the simplified version of this wordplay has already been attempted by the author in chapter 108; I’ve since modified the text translation of ZGL’s thoughts. :D)

[Sima Yi]: We’ve been trailed ever since arrival.

[?]: We must be careful about everything we do.

[Tian De]: Should we still go see Yuan Tan then?
{Tian De}

[SMY]: I have backings in the capital who can help him.

[SMY]: Even though Yuan Fang is uninterested in the Imperial clan,

[SMY]: it is still an important focus to the conservatives.

[SMY]: Young Mister Tan wants to borrow my ties with the Imperial clan to help his faction.

[TD]: You want to play for both sides, Zhong Da?

[SMY]: The infighting here has vastly exceeded my expectation. Even though Yuan Fang is on top, the sons and nephews still shouldn’t be dismissed so casually.

[?]: Perhaps we can remain standing if we control the powers from both sides.
(“…to stand at an undefeatable position”)

[?]: I’ll walk toward master Fang; while you… can stroll to the side of master Tan.

[TD]: You want to use Yuan Tan to save my uncle?

[SMY]: An enemy to Yuan Fang is an ally to master Tan.

[SMY]: Yuan Fang will lose his influence once he’s defeated at Guandu.

[SMY]: If master Tan returns then… the Tian clan would be back on track.

[TD]: There… there won’t be a problem with this battle, right?

[SMY]: Do you think Cao army’s tens of thousands could simply march into Hebei after Yuan Fang’s defeat?

[SMY]: Don’t forget the overwhelming military force that remains in Hebei. They won’t make it easy to attack.
[SMY]: You also know that I’m here for one goal and one goal only…

[SMY]: that is to find the Yuan clan’s weakness for Cao Cao.

[SMY]: And this trip has been quite fruitful.

[TD]: Zhong Da,

[TD]: why do you still help Cao Cao when he has treated you that way?

[SMY]: A true businessman does not sacrifice in vain.
(“merchant’s natural color…”)

[SMY]: The more trust Cao Cao has in me, the more opportunity I’ll have; until one day…
[SMY]: he’ll be engulfed and take his unhappiness to the grave.
(“I will swallow him, let him die unhappily”)

[SMY]: Over the years you’ve come to know me very well,
(“know each other for years, know like (your) fingers and palm…”)

[SMY]: which is why you sought me out, right?

[SMY]: Oh, stop for a minute.

[SMY]: How’s business these days, sir?

[?]: With your blessin’, the goods’re movin’.
(not sure, this is Cantonese based on the link entry)

[?]: Be packin’ in a few days.
(not sure, seems to be Cantonese)

[SMY]: Five coins a catty for a whole year of supply to Yanzhou. Deal?
(“…can (we) collaborate”)

[?]: Five coins? I’ll be takin’ a loss. No thanks.
(“…forgive-me difficult to accept”)

[?]: Then I’ll pass.

[?]: Suit yourself.
(“whatever”; is that too slangy? but maybe not so bad for an average seller?)

[TD]: Making deals wherever you go – a true businessman indeed.

[SMY]: I’ve always viewed Hebei favorably. Planning for the future, you know.

[TD]: Okay then, let’s work together after you engulf Cao Cao.
(“…when one day you swallow Cao Cao, let’s together fight/struggle”)

[SMY]: Okay.

[SMY]: Oh, stop for another minute.

[SMY]: They’re here for me.
(“…came to welcome/meet me”)

[SMY]: Go see Yuan Tan yourself, as it’s inappropriate for me to meet him.
{Yang Qing}
{Duan Jian}

[SMY]: I’ll be threatening Xu Yuan in a few days. Use that opportunity wisely.

[SMY]: Be careful.

[TD]: Ay.

[?]: We’re getting tailed as well, young mister Tian.

[?]: No problem at all.
(“fear what, no problem”)

[?]: Do you think Sima Yi can help you?

[TD]: Most definitely. He’s the smartest man I know.

[?]: Smart enough to handle Yuan Fang?

[TD]: Don’t worry. Once Yuan Fang goes down, we can then work together to take out Cao.

[TD]: Everything according to plan…
(“all goes smoothly”)

[TD]: Tell First Master that Tian De has led the “wolf” into the house,

[TD]: and the “wolf” hasn’t the slightest clue.

[?]: Young Master Tan will be thrilled to hear that.

[?]: Don’t worry. If all goes well…
(“…after thing succeeds…”)

[?]: the Tian clan will get anything they want.

[?]: The boss is being questioned. Looks like they’ve been followed.

[?]: So the carriage has passed by already?
[?]: Shit, he’s been sold out.

[?]: Five coins for a catty? Unreasonable.

[?]: The boss won’t sell.

[?]: Old Zhou went to Runan. It’s all on you now.
(“…here depend on you”)

[?]: Understood.

[?]: Set up shop,

[?]: go to work.

[?]: Hai.

A disorderly world is made up of people leaving for greener pastures.


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