Ravaging Times

chapter 336

{city of Baima}
(or “Boma”)

[?]: Sir.

[?]: The official report says Xu Yuan has committed suicide out of guilt.
(is there a legal term for that kind of death?)

[?]: And Xu You is on the run; whereabouts unknown.

chapter 336 Honesty Toward Classmates

[Yuan Tan]: Suicide? No way…

{Yuan Shao‘s eldest son, Yuan Tan}
[YT]: What do you think, Guo Tu?

{Yuan Shao’s subordinate, Guo Tu}
[Guo Tu]: So what about Sima Yi?

[?]: We heard nothing. He’s probably gone too.

[YT]: Hahaha, just as we thought.

[YT]: Little bro, your friend sure is “clever”.
(no relation, merely fake politeness)

[Tian De]: This classmate of mine is something alright.
(“I already said this classmate is very powerful/skilled”)

[TD]: Xu Yuan was a bit player; instead he managed to take the lead man Xu You with him.

[TD]: The Xu clan is finished, Young Master. One less thorn at our side.
(“…less one nail-in-the-eye…”)

[YT]: But the next thorn… is me, right?

[YT]: Yuan Fang is starting to pull it…

[TD]: Are you referring to the inheritance?
(“…continuing inheritance”)

[YT]: Yes, it’s about my status.

[?]: A different kind of inheritance.
(“it’s continuing, but not inheriting”; this part is lost in translation due to the breaking down of a word to its component hanzi)

[GT]: It’s said that our Lord intends to let Yuan Hua adopt master Tan.
(“…first gong-zi…”)

[GT]: Yuan Hua is our Lord’s younger clan brother, and if you get adopted…

[YT]: I’ll forever lose the right to be a successor, won’t I.

[?]: Yuan Fang, you piece of shit.
(insert any colorful curse word there)

[?]: We’re finally taking a break after months of fighting,

[?]: but I believe there’s a reason for this.

[?]: Right now our side has the upper hand…

[Shen Pei]: Fifteen armies taking turns besieging Cao Cao‘s encampment,
[SP]: enough to make him breathless even without a decisive victory.

[Yuan Shang]: Cao Cao has five main troops, and each one has to handle three armies at a time.

[SP]: Correct. We attack in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. They’re close to being worn down. Give your report.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Zhang He‘s three troops are besieging Xiahou Yuan in the south.

[?]: Gao Lan and the second regiment of Qingzhou are attacking Xiahou Dun in the north.

[?]: The troops of Chen, Zhang and Lu are blocking Cao Hong in the east.
[?]: The troops of Deng, Li and Ma are giving hell to Yue Jin in the west.

[?]: The three Taiping troops under Yue Yi are keeping Han Hao busy on the outskirts.

[?]: And our troop is fighting to a standstill against Third Genius Jia Xu.

[SP]: This means all of Cao Cao’s troops are locked in our jaw.

[SP]: We’ve stopped fighting and left a path open in the middle.

[SP]: This path is directly related to our cease-fire.

[SP]: If my calculation is correct, this path will take Xu You straight to the Cao camp.

[SP]: And,

[SP]: it even goes straight to Wuchao.

[SP]: I’m sure you know what’s there, Young Master.
(“wu chao has what…”)

[YS]: Ingenious indeed for the First Genius.

[?]: Cao Cao will be quick to act in case the situation changes.

[SP]: We’ve endured the long wait-

[YS]: for this exact moment.

[YT]: Mobilize. We’re going to reap the fruits of their labor.

[GT]: And reclaim the credit of victory.

There are three types of strategic maneuvering.
(…I forgot how I translated it previously! XD Does anyone remember which chapter something like this line first came up? This specific part is not in chapter 159.)
The first type is unilateral.

The second type is bilateral.

The third is interactive.

The key is to let the enemy know your next move.

[?]: Then what’s the next move?

[?]: What’s Yuan Fang’s next move?

[Cao Cao]: Where are the rations?

[Xu You]: Or put it this way, Meng De, how much rations do you have left?

[CC]: Are they really at Wuchao?

[XY]: One year’s worth?

[CC]: So not at Wuchao?

[XY]: Half a year?

[XY]: Then it’s just one month.

[XY]: We’ve got one month left to live.

[CC]: You think so?

[XY]: I do not fear death. After I die…

{sfx: sha}

[XY]: my descendants will receive so much more,

[XY]: more…
[XY]: powerful…

[XY]: Wah! Ughh-ahhh…
(“…yah yah yah…”)

[XY]: Cao Cao, you son-of-a…
(“…you this…”, he doesn’t actually swear, but it’s implicit)

{sfx: pa}

[Sima Yi]: May I proceed?
(“can/allowed-to continue?”; not sure, there is no subject in the syntax)

[Guo Jia]: Please.
(this could be interpreted as “you may/allowed”, but that’s not the text, so it’s up to you)

[XY]: At Gushi!

[XY]: Wuchao was a lie!

[XY]: We were classmates for years, Meng De.

[XY]: We… we’ve always been honest toward each other.

A song being beautiful, people are not all able to chime in,
(from Wang Chong‘s “Discourse Balance“, chapter 80, “A Definition of Worthies”)

and a statement being true, not all believe it.
(from Wang Chong‘s “Discourse Balance“, chapter 80, “A Definition of Worthies”)


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