Ravaging Times

chapter 337


[?]: Are you really letting them go?

[?]: What can I do? That troop used to belong to him.

chapter 337 One Shot For Three Eagles
(like “kill three birds with one stone”)

{Yuan Fang‘s subordinate, Yang Qing}
[Yang Qing]: Such a rapid move. For them this’ll be all-or-nothing, it seems.
(“…smash the cauldron and sink the ship“)

[Duan Jian]: You’re right. It’s his last chance.
{Yuan Fang’s subordinate, Duan Jian}

[?]: The fall of the Xu clan encouraged them to bully others around.

[DJ]: We may be Xu You’s replacement, but we’re lacking in repute
(or maybe “clout” is a better translation?)

[DJ]: And they’ve already taken that into account.
(“…long been inside their calculation”)

[?]: First Master, we’ve obtained the troops and officers.

[Yuan Tan]: Good.

[?]: All men, head out!
(“entire army guide/lead forward…”)



{sfx: shoo~}

[Xiahou Dun]: Deputy, report!

[?]: This round of attack is not the usual affair.

[?]: Every camp is under heavy siege. We’re on our own!

[XHD]: Fine, so this is it!

{flag reads: Gao}

[?]: General Gao, our army in the south is in disarray!

[?]: Men in the rear have encountered Jia Xu‘s ambush again!
(“…surprise attack”)

[Gao Lan]: Isn’t Jia Xu entangled by Yuan Shang?
{Gao Lan}

[?]: Sir! Yuan Shang’s troop has pulled out!

Pulled out…

Damn you little third master!

[GL]: Notify the Chief Controller that Gao Lan has encountered Jia Xu again…


[?]: Our rapid retreat allowed Jia Xu to transfer troops northward.

[?]: Knowing his previous record, Gao Lan won’t be a match.

[Yuan Shang]: Shen Pei, are you sure this is okay?

[Shen Pei]: Don’t worry, Young Master. Gao Lan would eventually retreat anyway.

[SP]: And just like Yuan Fang expected, Gao Lan’s retreat will open a path.

[SP]: Except this time we’re taking the initiative.

[SP]: He’s not getting out of my plans.
(“this guy want to go whichever way, never out of my grasp”)

[SP]: See, just as I expected – he’s here.

[SP]: We must control the key terrains, Young Master. Don’t let him take them.

[YS]: Fine. Go meet him.

[Yuan Fang]: Cao Cao is going to attack Wuchao, advisor Shen. Why are you here…

[SP]: Oh you misunderstood, Chief Controller. Our troop has received news

[SP]: that Cao Cao is abandoning Wuchao in favor of Gushi. Out of concern for your strategy,

[SP]: Third Master has come to strengthen your rear flank.

{Zhang He}
[Zhang He]: Now is not the time to beat around the bush.
(“big situation as important, don’t go around circles”)

[SP]: Fine. With strategies as vicious as yours, Chief Controller, you should spare your allies from collateral damage.

[SP]: You didn’t fool me. When Xu You went to Cao Cao,

[SP]: he could have taken his five sons.

[SP]: But someone kept them here and let them be captured.
(“don’t think I don’t know…”)

[SP]: Poor Xu You doesn’t even realize how cruel the strategist is.

[SP]: Forgive the bluntness but we’re all advisers here. I’ll say no more.
(“…heart-to-heart undeclared, forgive me. (I) take (my) leave”)

[SP]: Excuse me.

[?]: Wow, he saw through that in an instant.

[ZH]: They’ve occupied the key terrains up the hills. We’ve lost the initiative.

[?]: We’ll have to split the credit with Third Master, like he expected.

[ZH]: Young Master, they’ve skipped over your original plan
[ZH]: and is headed for your next move.

[ZH]: It’s ready.

[YF]: That’s one.
(“one has come”)

{sfx: pa}

[Jia Xu]: Whoa.

[JX]: Whew. I thought the Yuan army got in.
(“scared me a jump…”)

[?]: Gao Lan has retreated, my Lord. Our path ahead is cleared.
[?]: Cavalry, remember the secret code you learned from Xu You!

[?]: Advisor Jia, enemy has been spotted south of us at Runan. A fight is eminent.

[JX]: Understood. I’m heading back immediately.

[JX]: You all should be wary of Gao Lan’s counter-attack.

[Cao Cao]: I really appreciate your painstaking efforts.
(“this time really toilsome/hard-work you”)

[JX]: You should be careful as well, my Lord.

[CC]: Every general is under siege, so the only camp that can dispatch a troop is mine.

[CC]: Besides, no one but me could command this troop.

[CC]: It’s a transient opportunity, Jia Xu.
(“…opportunity only in one moment”)

[CC]: And I bet you’re interested in witnessing “Meng De’s method of war.”
(Meng De is Cao Cao’s courtesy name)


[?]: Chief Controller, Yuan Tan has arrived too.

[YF]: So the second one also knows my next move.

{sfx: pa}

[YF]: There’s another, a big one…

[?]: Chief Controller, Jia Xu has forced Gao Lan to retreat.
(“…difficult to fend-off Jia Xu, already retreated”)

All three have gathered.
(“…all have come”)

{sfx: pa}

Yuan Tan, Yuan Shang,

and Cao Cao…

Look out. My third move is coming!

Someone who hunts deers is after the great lands;

someone who shoots eagles covets all under heaven.
(as a complete tangent, this reminds me of Temujin in The Legend of the Condor Heroes. You probably don’t share the sentiment. XD)


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