Ravaging Times

chapter 338


[?]: Welcome, my Lord.

{Yuan Fang‘s buqu officer, Jiang Qi}

chapter 338 An Uproar Among Brothers

[Yuan Shao]: Has the battle begun?
(“decisive battle (begun)”)
{General-In-Chief, Yuan Shao}

[JQ]: Yes. After all these months, we’ve finally lure Cao Cao out of his camp.

[YS]: So is he going to attack here?

[YS]: Why the silence?
(“why not speak”)

[JQ]: Uh…

[YS]: How do we fight this battle, Jiang Qi?
(the word balloon got cut off, can’t be sure until I see the full dialog)

[?]: Jiang Qi! Will you tell us or not!?

[YS]: Forget it, Lü Xiang.
[Lü Xiang]: But you are the master!

[YS]: The Yuan clan has always been plagued from the inside. To avoid meddling bodies, there’s a reason for secrecy.
(“…internal worry/danger“)

[YS]: We shall await the Chief Controller’s order then.
[?]: Yessir.

[LX]: Forgive me, my Lord,

[LX]: but you have indulged Yuan Fang far too much.
(“forgive subordinate-me much talking…”)

[LX]: I’ve just received news from Baima and the outskirts…
(or “Boma”)

[LX]: Masters Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang have both gone to Gushi.

[LX]: This…
(“this event/incident”)

[YS]: Give me a moment.
(“let/give me quiet a little”)

Tan-er, Shang-er.
(-er being diminutive “suffix”, to indicate affection/close-relation to the referred person)

[YS]: Hoo…

That “crane”… is about to take flight.

[Yuan Shang]: Yuan Tan’s vanguards have arrived?

[?]: Yes. But they’re asking to share a piece of the vital ground that we’re holding.

[YS]: In his dreams!
(“older brother had a nice thought”)

[YS]: Even Yuan Fang the Chief Controller had to accede to me, yet my loser of a brother wants to share the glory?
(“even chief controller Yuan Fang has to give me three-tenth claim, he that defeated dog even wants with me split the credit”)

[Shen Pei]: Still no sign of Cao Cao’s troop?
[?]: No. Maybe not for another four hours.
(“but…estimate to arrive after four hours”)

[SP]: Cao Cao will be here soon, Young Master. We mustn’t compromise any of our vital ground.

[YS]: Send someone to Wuchao to tell father of Yuan Tan’s despicable acts!

[?]: Young Master, first master’s vanguard forces are coming!

[YS]: Damn, he’s playing it rough!

[?]: Make way!
[?]: Make way!

[?]: By Young Master’s order, please turn back!

[?]: The hell? Baby’s throwing a fit ’cause he ain’t the oldest?
(“…little third wants to against number one be shameless/unreasonable”; I can’t translate this correctly, but the point is to rile up the opponent group, so any insult that demeans Yuan Shang’s status and raise Yuan Tan’s status will get the point across)

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Ignore them. Rest up. Wait for Cao Cao!
(bottom right word bubble)
[?]: Step aside! This ground is ours!
(top left word bubble)

[?]: Turn back you bastards!

[?]: Wanna fight?
(“you all want to fight?”)

[?]: Yes.

{sfx: cha}

[?]: What the! A fight’s started!
(“what are (you) doing; somebody made a move”)

[?]: Stop! What the hell are you guys doing?

[?]: Young… Young Master…

[?]: the first master’s troop has started a fight!
(something like “took action”)

Yuan Tan, you…


[?]: It’s getting out of hand, Young Master. What should we do now?

[YS]: Send a team to suppress them first!

[?]: But… both troops look the same…


[?]: There’s a fight over there! Let us go through!
[?]: Hold it. How do I know which side you’re on!

[YS]: It’s a total mess, Shen Pei. What do we do?

[SP]: Look for Yuan Tan!


[?]: Young Master, the first master’s main troop is coming!

[YS]: Find him! Don’t let the situation get worse!

{army movement sfx}

[?]: Sir, Yuan Tan’s troop has arrived!
[?]: Our lord succeeded in tricking the enemy.
(“…lure enemy succeeded”)

[?]: Years of training have made our night riders a mighty force to contend with.
(“training many years, finally witnessing our side’s night mobilization troop’s mighty power”)
[?]: Haha, by sight or not our men worked together flawlessly.
(“…even if blindfolded could still feel our people’s location”)

[?]: Okay! The first fight is a success. Next we target the camp!
(“initial battle successful, immediately change route to attack camp”)

[?]: Do it! Take no prisoner!
(“…kill without deliberation (by trial)”)

[Yuan Tan]: Damn you Yuan Shang!
[YT]: How dare you taking a cheap shot at me!

one eagle;

two eagles.


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