Ravaging Times

chapter 339

{Gushi . back hills}

[Zhang He]: Welcome back!

[Gao Lan]: This is a much better position to retreat to!

[ZH]: Haha, we were “forced” by the third master.

chapter 339 Burning Gushi

[?]: Sir! Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang have started fighting!

[ZH]: Excellent! Eager to please, the loathsome dogs are biting each other.
(“…take-credit impatient, end up fierce/loathsome dogs mutually biting”)

[?]: Yes. Young Master expected Cao Cao to rely on Xu You‘s information, then disguise as our troops to cause the infighting.

[GL]: Their grudge goes way back. The fight must be a sight to behold.
(“two gong-zi always accumulated discontent, once-started-fighting definitely brilliant”)

[?]: But the Cao army really is surprisingly fast.

[?]: They’re Redhare.

[Jiang Qi]: Lü Bu‘s Redhare cavalry was absorbed into Cao Cao’s ranks. No wonder the scouts couldn’t keep up.

[JQ]: I just heard news that this cavalry is half of the forces from Cao Cao’s main camp.

[?]: They can’t defend the main camp much longer with reduced manpower. It seems they’re ready to fight to the death.
(“main camp soldier reduced, cannot long defend, looks like, must be meaning to fight to the death”)

[ZH]: Okay. You return first to tell the folks at Hebei about the insubordination of those two.

[JQ]: So we’ll be rid of those two loathsome dogs regardless of the outcome of this battle?

[GL]: Haha, we could move either way, but I doubt Young Master wants to lose.
(“…we can forward or retreat…”)

[?]: Sir, the Cao army is coming!

[GL]: Hoo. They’re here!

{cavalry movement sfx}

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~}

[?]: Headwind and too far!
[?]: Wait for them to get closer!

[?]: Here they come. Get ready!

[?]: Forward one, up three!
(no clue)

[?]: Horse archers, nock!

[?]: Back one, up three!
(no clue)

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[?]: Tailwind, not bad!

[?]: Archers, cover team two. Create an opening!

[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Cover them!

{sfx: ka}

[?]: Pull!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Team three, head in!
(“enter the camp”)

[?]: Team four, infiltrate!

[?]: They have the same uniform. Caution against enemy infiltration!

[?]: Re, retreat!

[?]: Team one, center stage.
(…enter center”)

[?]: This is the place!

[?]: Team five, prepare the fire!

[?]: Senior officer, look!
(this term is unfamiliar to me, maybe derived from Hong Kong’s police/firefighter department terminology)

[?]: A fire over there!

[?]: Senior officer, two troops appeared outside the camp!

[?]: Goodness, a pincer attack!

[?]: Our men have pulled out.

[ZH]: The enemy has entered the camp. Tailwind; light up!

[ZH]: Release!

[GL]: Archers, circle back!
(“…return to back”)

[GL]: Light up your arrows and block all of the exits!

[?]: Fire!

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

{sfx: foom}

{sfx: foom}

[?]: Senior officer, the ration stacks are empty!
(or “heap/pile”, “…has no rations”)

[?]: There’s fire behind us and to both of our sides as well!
(“…left right also burning”)
[?]: Senior officer, our Lord’s group has gone too far ahead!

Oh no!

[?]: We’ve been ambushed, my Lord!
[?]: What do we do?

[?]: Retreating Yuan soldiers ahead!

[?]: Infiltrate and regroup after we exit the camp!

[?]: Whoa!

[?]: Halt!

[?]: Stop!

They’ve changed uniforms!

[?]: Cao Cao,

[Yuan Fang]: The battle of Guandu

{sfx: pa}

[YF]: has already ended.

Three eagles.


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