Ravaging Times

chapter 342


[?]: Are you the remnants of Liu Hong and Huang Hui’s troops?
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Return to your positions and wait for order!

chapter 342 The Clash of Two Formations
(this translation is quite literal, but in context I’m not sure how to make it better)

[Gao Lan]: Liu Hong’s troop, follow my men and continue the methods of “Military Records”!

[Zhang He]: Huang Hui’s troop, join my forces and continue the Old Master‘s formation!

[ZH]: Your commanders may have died, but the formation is still in place. Take cue from the deputy!

[?]: Merge and engage!

[?]: Troops of Gao Lan and Zhang He, engage!


[Zhang Liao]: Lord Cao says, utilize the energy of a fighting force!
(not sure; this is supposed to be from Cao Cao’s Commentary on Sunzi‘s Art of War)

[ZL]: The combined enemy forces are coming. Bait them to move. Retreat!
(partly referring to Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5, line 20)

[?]: Retreat!

[?]: Let in the cavalry, then block their charge!

[?]: Cao Cao’s men are taking shelter instead of fighting!
(“…have entered the encirclement, not wanting to die fighting”)

[?]: Cavalry, surround them! Divide and conquer!

[?]: Lord Cao says, confront the enemy directly; attack indirectly from the flank where least expected.
(referring to Cao Cao’s annotation on Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5 line 5)

[?]: Shields to my left and right, collide!
(“left right shield soldiers…”)

[?]: Thrust!

[?]: The enemy cavalry has scattered!

[ZL]: Lord Cao says, make well-timed attacks!
(not sure; Cao Cao’s annotation on Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5, line 13)

[ZL]: Cavalry, strike the enemy’s weak points while they’re disoriented!
(“…in disarray…”)

[ZL]: Charge and attack!

[?]: Chief Controller, the two troops at the front are in disarray!

[Yuan Fang]: The enemy moves fast, but they lack in size so they fight cautiously!
(“the enemy may be fast, but not many, see trend know difficulty and retreat”; I’m not sure if he’s making a command for his own troops or commenting on the opponent. If the interpretation is he is trying to reassure his own men, then this is talking about the opponent.)

The formation of the “Military Records” cannot launch into action!
(one of the lost military text of the past)

Nor can the formation of the Old Master gain the terrain advantage!

A large force is controlled the same way as smaller ones, merely divided up..
(Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5, line 1, “The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.”)

The Cao army divides among themselves quickly to attack weak points in our rank.

So they hit hard where we’re lacking. Engage directly; secure victory indirectly.
(not sure about first part; second part is Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5 line 5)

Master Sun’s Art of War…

An improved version to put the eastern region’s Sun clan to shame…

Cao Cao’s methods of war surpassed its predecessor!

[?]: The Yuan army is a mess. We’ll take risks but attack decisively!
(partly referring to Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5, line 14)

[?]: Encroach on the Yuan army!

[?]: Sir, the enemy is coming!

[?]: Yuan… Yuan Fang!

{sfx: cha~}

[YF]: Follow me; engage!

[?]: Yessir!

The closer to the core, the more precise the setup!

The commander should be within earshot!

(“that one”)

[?]: Look out… One of the enemy troops has entered our formation!

[?]: Don’t let them deploy theirs. Collide!

Guan Zhong‘s methods of war: with weapons and instructions ready, we’ll take down their vanguard forces;

chase the fleeing like a whirlwind; strike them like thunder and lightning!
(page 276 of that specifically referenced book; Chinese reference)

What a strong force of protection. I’ll find you soon, commander!

[?]: The… the Cao troops are coming together!
(“…left right merge…”)

[?]: I say, promptness means close range.
(no idea! It’s classical Chinese and might not mean what I think it means; referring to Cao Cao’s annotation on Sunzi’s Art of War chapter 5 line 14 last part)

[?]: Quick like the release of trigger!
(Sunzi’s Art of War, chapter 5 line 15 last part)

[?]: Take aim!

[?]: Oh no, their archers are inside!

Is that the Formation of Deception from Master Sun’s chapter on Energy?
(may refer to Sunzi’s Art of War chapter 5, line 17)

[?]: They… they’re too close!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[YF]: Retreat!

Brilliant formation!

[?]: I say, use the natural and inherent power!
(Cao Cao’s annotation on Sunzi’s Art of War chapter 5 line 22)

The enemy moves like the momentum of water, forming channels without any effort!

My formation cannot launch either.

This is the guy!

He is the axis!

The man who has the clearest understanding of Master Sun’s Art of War…

Cao Cao!

[YF]: Ha!

Cao Cao, you really are here!

The closer to the core, the clearer the brilliance.
(if you can read Chinese, part of Cao Cao’s annotation can be read in this Chinese post


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