Ravaging Times

chapter 343


[?]: We’re close to gone over here!

[?]: There’re just too many of Yuan‘s troops!

chapter 343 Pit One Against A Hundred
(in chapter 120 I didn’t translate it literally like this, but now that Mr. Chen decides to fulfill that reader expectation, I might go back and change it so they match… T_T)

[?]: Two more are heading up!

[?]: Army Overseer, we’re about to get overrun!
(“here soon will be attack breached”)

[Xiahou Yuan]: Get those men at rest to come to our aid!

[?]: But… but they haven’t slept in days. They’re exhausted!

[XHY]: Who could sleep when the camp’s almost taken?
[?]: Overseer, the men are in protest, what if they…

[XHY]: We’ve got no choice. It’s almost over, just hang on!

[?]: Overseer, the main… main camp…

They’ve entered the camp!

{fire sfx: foom~}

[?]: Don’t let them get close. Hold them off!

[?]: Guard the gates!

[?]: Guard the gates!

[?]: Break’s over.

[?]: All of you go guard the gates. Hurry!

[?]: Ha, all gone.
(“…all left”)

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: The soldiers here have been sent away. Attack!

[?]: Men of Taiping!? Where did they come from?

[?]: Leave this place to me. You guys head for the inner grounds!


[?]: The main force of the Cao army is guarding the camp. I’m in charge of the barracks.

[?]: Bet they never expected a mole to last this long.
(referring to himself)

[?]: Now that the camp is full of protest, your arrival will strike a chord with those men.
(“now inside camp complaints nonstop, mutineers many, you (pl) coming will definitely chime in easily“)

[?]: Resentment leads to revolt. Such is the foresight of the Chief Controller.

[?]: After months of digging we’re finally seeing daylight.
{Yuan Fang‘s subordinate, Yue Yi}

[?]: Not yet.

{sfx: pong!}

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Gotta get past me first.

{sfx: cha~}

[Xiahou Dun]: You stinking brat dug your own grave!

[?]: We dug it for you, Blind Xiahou!

[XHD]: Blind your ass!
(“blind your mother”)

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Fear not. He’s just one man!

[XHD]: Then come and get me!
(“then come over here”)

[?]: Master Hong, another troop’s here!

[Cao Hong]: Damnit where did they come from?

[?]: Master Hong, Li Chao’s troop hasn’t arrived yet!

Li Chao!? That means…

{fire sfx: foom~}

The rations have been burned. Li Chao has mutinied!

The enemy has entered the camp.

The Yuan army will flood in like sea water!

[CH]: Brothers, prepare to give this country your all-

[CH]: every man take on a hundred!
(“use one hold-off hundred”)

[Guo Jia]: One against a hundred.

[?]: Very good.

[GJ]: First shixiong,
(“shixiong” ~ “male upperclassman”)

{sfx: pa}

[GJ]: I’m about to make my first move!
(“my first move is about to start”)

The more sublime the theme of a song is, the fewer people would be able to follow along.
(something akin to Shakespeare’s line “caviar to the general”)


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