Ravaging Times

chapter 344

{Xu capital}

[?]: We’ve just received news that routes at the front line have been sealed off. They’re running short on rations.

[?]: Cheng Yu has departed with troops and rations in hope of breaking through the blockade to aid Cao Cao.

[?]: With that army gone, their numbers here have taken a hit.
(“main army already out, here troops lessened a big chunk”)

chapter 344 The Emperor At The Heart of Matter
(“heaven son controls heart”)

[?]: Now is the perfect opportunity to stage a coup with help from Yuan Fang.

[?]: Armies have been sent southward from Guandu, Your Majesty, to collaborate in the counter-attack.

{Emperor of Han, Liu Xie}
[Liu Xie]: How prepared are we?

{minister Dong Wan}
[Dong Wan]: We’ve gathered countless collaborators over these months.
[DW]: Each province will follow suit after the coup.
(“we operated many months, already gathered countless comrades, xu capital’s coup, each provinces definitely simultaneous respond/echo”)

[LX]: This time for sure, right…
(“this time should doable/work, right”)

[Jin Yu]: Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Cao Cao being trapped in Guandu is actually great news.
(“…Cao Cao this time being trapped (at) Guandu, people hearts anxious, actually heavenly big happy news”)
{minister Jin Yu}

[JY]: Besides, the power disparity between the two sides will leave Cao Cao’s forces severely damaged even if he breaks free.
[JY]: A victory is guaranteed if we attack.

[LX]: When popular support turns one way… even family gets swallowed by the torrent.
(“people heart’s direction, except… even for same clan, still has to flow with flood/torrent rapidly down”)

{Cao Cao’s younger clan brother, Cao De}
[Cao De]: Your words shame me, Your Majesty.

[LX]: Shouldn’t you be ashamed, knowing Cao Cao is your older clan brother?
(not sure if it’s saying Cao Cao should be ashamed or him)

[CD]: Cao Cao was adopted from the Xiahou clan. We do not share the same ancestry.

[LX]: In this crisis, minister, you are wise to separate yourself from “Xiahou Cao”.

[LX]: However, would the Cao clan still be high and mighty today if it weren’t for Cao Cao?

[CD]: Your Majesty, you are berating

[LX]: I’m not threatening you…

[?]: But the one making threats…
(“except the one-who-threatens”)

[Xun Yu]: is me.

[DW & JY]: Xun… Xun Yu?

[XY]: Thank you, Your Majesty.
(“you labored emperor”)

[LX]: Please speak your minds, my ministers.

[CD]: Hoo…

[CD]: Me and Minister Xun do not see eye to eye, Your Majesty, please excuse me.


[Cao Ren]: Guard the premise.

{Cao Cao’s younger clan brother, Cao Ren}
[CR]: Let none of the sellouts leave.

[CD]: Zi Xiao, he made an enemy out of Yuan Shao; A-Man is unwise to fight this impossible odds.
(“…use egg to hit rock…”; Zi Xiao is Cao Ren’s courtesy name)
[CD]: As your brother I’m doing this to prevent the execution of the entire Cao clan.
(“…doing best (to) protect Cao family bloodline…”)

[CR]: Your words make sense, brother. How about you two?

[DW & JY]: I’m devoted to Han – to support Your Majesty. My motive is different from Cao De’s.

[LX]: I appreciate your good intentions.

[LX]: My ministers can be trusted…

[LX]: But Yuan Shao is not dependable.

[LX]: Don’t forget he once promoted another to the throne instead of me. I’ve never forgotten that.

[LX]: Perhaps one day he’ll replay the same trick when the kidnapper finds his victim disagreeable.
(“…I not meeting Yuan Shao’s intention, kidnapping heaven’s son not working, again will old trick/technique again use”)

[CD]: I must warn you then, Your Majesty, since you have such foresight.

[CD]: Cao Cao’s days are numbered because Yuan Shao is so powerful now.
[CD]: I’m afraid your position is still in danger when Yuan Shao comes to the capital.

[DW]: We may not be Dong Cheng or Liu Bei, but we harbor the same devotion to save the country.

[DW]: Not only that…

[XY]: Not only that, why didn’t you two take a stand back when His Majesty was against Cao Cao?
(“…did not walk out…”; like raising their hands)

[XY]: Dong and Liu’s faction was of the Imperial line, so their opposition was justified.

[XY]: But some people, as Yuan Shao rises to great heights, are merely treacherous subjects who saw where the wind was turning.

[XY]: You compare yourselves – what’s there to compare?

[XY]: Your Majesty,

[XY]: Please give me a little time,

[XY]: and give Cao Cao a chance.

[XY]: War is impartial. We’re all at the mercy of the trends. Even Loyalists must sometimes use power to bring peace to the world.

[XY]: You should know what kind of a person I am.

[XY]: I joined Cao Cao because of one belief…

[XY]: The Anti-hero will disappear after the turbulent times.

[XY]: He will only be an able minister in a virtuous world!

[XY]: Your Majesty will remain while I remain;
[XY]: and Cao Cao will keep Han from extinguishing!

[LX]: I don’t like Cao Cao, but I cannot help but be moved by your lofty words.

[LX]: I’ll cooperate with you for only one reason, my dear minister. Do not go back on your word.
(“…goal only has one, xun yu you cannot eat your word”)

[XY]: Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I shall treat whomever you value as family.

[XY]: I swear on my life.
(“xun yu use life as voucher”)

[LX]: Then I am at ease.
(“with minister’s great words/speech, I can be calm/at-ease”)

[CR]: The trend is turning, brother. Go!

[CD]: If that’s the decision of the Cao clan, then I have nothing to say.

[XY]: But, there is a letter to write.

[XY]: Have you considered redeeming yourself using a letter?

[XY]: Make the Yuan army fall for a trap that I’ve set up long ago?

[CD]: I’ll do it for my clan, but Cheng Yu’s whereabouts have been exposed, what if…

[XY]: Cheng Yu isn’t heading for Guandu, Cao De. He’s going to defend Runan.

[XY]: Where do you think Jia Xu is?

{sfx: pa}

[XY]: First shixiong, here comes the second move.
(shixiong ~ “male upperclassman”)

And now only the battle between us remains.


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