Ravaging Times

chapter 345

[?]: Deploy formation!

[?]: Master Lao‘s methods of war, give before you take!

[?]: Surround them!

[?]: The enemy cavalry is closing in. Every team hold on to key positions!

chapter 345 Knows No Fear
(“a body full of galls/guts”)

[Gao Lan]: Zhang He!

[GL]: I can’t launch my formation. You go in from the left!

[Zhang He]: No can’t do. They’ve taken the key spots we need to launch ours!

[?]: Look out! Here they come again!

[?]: Their cavalry has been split in half!

[?]: We’ve blocked off Zhang and Gao’s troops from behind!
(not sure)

[?]: Archers, take aim!
(either “aim at the middle” or “aim precisely”, not sure)
[?]: Fire toward the front!

[GL]: Men at the front watch out!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Don’t proceed any further. Pull back!

[?]: General Gao, the cavalry needs to regroup outside the formation!

[?]: General, their mobile unit is coming!

[?]: Lord Cao says, a retreating enemy exposes its tail.

[Zhang Liao]: Hit hard where the enemy is weak!
(citation from Cao Cao’s, or “T’ao Kung”‘s, commentary on Master Sun’s Art of War, chapter 5, specific line unclear)

[GL]: Brothers! The enemy intends to split our troop in half!

[GL]: Don’t lose our people on this battlefield!

{sfx: zing~}

[ZL]: Forward!

{sfx: zing~}

This guy gets stronger the more he fights!

[GL]: Look out! Zhang Liao is in!
(“…entered formation”)

[?]: Surround him!

[ZL]: Break!

(sounds like “huh”)

[?]: Sir, look!

Did… did that guy just bypass Gao Lan like it was nothing?
{Lin Zhen}

[ZL]: Lord Cao says, attack when it’s least expected!

[?]: Stop him! Don’t let him ruin the formation!
(“…formation shape”)

[?]: Surround!
[?]: Take out that madman!

[ZL]: Break!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Sir, he has bypassed us!

{Huangfu Ren}
[Huangfu Ren]: He’s trouble if left alive!

Four. One more!
(“four, remains one”)

[?]: Sir, the Chief Controller said not to be rash!
[?]: Please pull back!

[?]: Sir, the enemy shields men have moved in the meantime!
(slightly distorted)

[ZL]: Good timing!

[HFR]: My thoughts exactly. Let him go!

[?]: Please come in, master Liao!

[ZL]: Thanks!
(“troubled (you)”)

[?]: Archers, cover him!

[?]: Oh no we’re too close!

[HFR]: Perfect! Break their siege!
(“good opportunity…”)

[?]: Zhang Liao,

{sfx: pa}

[Xu Chu]: Lord Cao says: change formation.

[ZL]: Yessir.

Time to go from defense to offense.


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