Ravaging Times

chapter 347

[?]: The fiery red Camellia doesn’t fear the snow;

[?]: and it even invites a bird of grace. What omen is this?

[?]: What a breathtaking garden of Camellia. The reputation of the daughter of the Kong family is certainly well-deserved.

[?]: Ah, with your blessing.

[?]: Camellias are cold-hardy and long-blooming; a kind of flower whose feelings are long-lasting.
(“…among flowers is a long sentiment/emotion thing”)

chapter 347 What Omen Befalls Yuan Shao

[Zuo Ci]: Xiao Cha wouldn’t be a bad name for your daughter.
(“cha” here short for “cha hua”, or camellia)

[Kong somebody]: You bless my daughter with a name for longevity, Great Saint. I’m forever grateful.
(“by receiving great immortal’s naming, daughter definitely live long without ailing…”)

[Yuan Shao]: With Imperial Han losing its way and the Yellow Turbans plunging the world into chaos, it’s a rare sight to see you enjoying flowers, Zuo Ci.

[ZC]: And what’s the meaning of a Loyalist clan sharing a table with rebels?

[YS]: Hahaha, Zuo Ci, how else could this stupid regime be overthrown without you starting that little rebellion?

[YS]: We all want to save the country. It matters not our means.
(“…as loyal, as treacherous/traitorous, so what”)

[YS]: But our initial test has shown us what the current trend is like.
(not sure if “trend” is the right translation, maybe “situation” or “big picture”?)

[ZC]: Yes. A peasant rebellion is still no match against Liu Xiu‘s propaganda that extolled the virtue of loyalty.
(“…Confucianism’s loyalty…”)

[ZC]: It sounds like you know the Yellow Turbans won’t last, duke Yuan.
(“yuan duke saying this…”)

[K]: The Yuan clan has a deep root in Loyalty, Great Saint. It really is difficult for my Lord to provide aid.

[?]: He can’t even declare autonomous rule, let alone staging a coup.

[ZC]: Every warlord has the same ambition. Is that why you want to goad Yuan Shu to test the waters?

[YS]: My younger brother has always wished so. Why not see how the world reacts by helping him?

[YS]: A rebellion by peasants won’t succeed, nor is one by the lords any easier.

[YS]: It takes more than a day to shake the foundation of a dynasty that lasted three centuries.
(“…great han’s three hundred years and more…”)

[ZC]: If you believe it’s difficult, then it’ll have to be left to the future generation to achieve.

[YS]: Those sons of mine… You’re joking, Great Saint.

[ZC]: Emperor Huan had over six thousand concubines…

[ZC]: Gifted and romantic as you are, you too would’ve sired a great number of sons in secret.

[ZC]: And one is bound to stand out.
(“…crane stands in a flock of chicken…”; this is visual metaphor for Yuan Fang)

[ZC]: He won’t have the same lineage, but he’ll have the same ambition.
(“…but has yuan duke’s dominating the world’s heart”)

[ZC]: Nothing he does will shake the ancestral teachings of the Yuan clan, nor will it embarrass the clansmen.

[ZC]: With my mentorship,

[ZC]: and your political influence…

[ZC]: that “outsider” will one day destroy the Yuan clan and empower himself in the north.

[ZC]: In a chaotic world divided among the self-serving lords and a useless emperor

{sfx: pa~}

[YS]: Do you dare to accept this challenge?

[ZC]: Duke Yuan, the flowers and the crane are good omens.

[ZC]: A red sea of flowers; redder is the crown of the crane.
(“flower sea red, crane’s crown see more red”)

[ZC]: So a favorite one descends from above…
(2 separate wordplays, on “red” and on “origin”; there may be a typo in this sentence; I think both are related to one kind of “word-divination” practice in the Chinese “yijing” culture)

[ZC]: to sing in the nine marshes. Auspicious indeed.

My descendent is a celestial bird from the heavens.
Through the deep marshlands he secretly takes flight.

Today… he will…

be heard across the sky.

[?]: Our Lord awakes! Our Lord awakes!
[?]: Go get General Jiang!

I’m still alive!?

Perhaps heaven wants me to witness it?

[?]: Why’re you people standing around?

{Liyang’s Grand Administrator, Jiang Yi Qu}
[Jiang Yi Qu]: Send more men. Retrieve as much as you can!

Retrieve what?

[JYQ]: Forgive me, my Lord! You’re hurt because I was late.

[JYQ]: Rest assured that everything has settled down.

[JYQ]: We’ve even rescued both of your sons from the sea of fire!

Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang are still alive!

[YS]: No… no!

They cannot live!

If they return to Hebei…

{sfx: ta}

[?]: Careful, my Lord!

They’ll start a series of retaliation against Yuan Fang.
And the Yuan clan won’t be able to survive this round of infighting!

Who told Jiang Yi Qu to come here…


someone saw through this scheme?

Or is it…

Heaven’s wrath?
(“heaven’s reprimand that with loyalty and righteousness be opposed/paired…”; the wording of this sentence confuses me, especially put in context, frustrating!)

[JYQ]: We have a sizable presence here, my Lord, but who knew a fire could break out at Yangwu’s rations depot…

[JYQ]: This… this must be the handiwork of an insider!
(“…our own people’s doing”)

[?]: With our troops so deep inside Cao Cao‘s territory, our supply line…


A red sea of fire; redder is the body of a burning crane!
(“fire sea red, crane’s body burn more red”)

He is heard across the sky, but there he falls…
(wordplay on Yuan Fang’s name again, but lost in translation)

What omen is this!?

What omen is this!


To treat right as right and wrong as wrong is called wisdom;

to treat right as wrong and wrong as right is called stupidity.


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