Ravaging Times

chapter 348


[?]: Anyone else over here?

[?]: The fire is riding the tailwind, boss. Not many could get out.

[?]: The main army has fled northward; won’t be much of a fighting force!

[?]: There’re many pockets of fire, boss. It’s definitely done by one of our people!

chapter 348 A Long-hidden Strike
(“thousand-day surprise army”)
{Duan Jian}

[?]: Boss, Jiang Yi Qu‘s troop has arrived. Should we join them?

[Duan Jian]: Why’s he here?

[?]: I thought it strange too. Shouldn’t he be on the outskirts? Who told him to come…

[?]: By their route it looks like he was heading for Wuchao, then turned this way.

[?]: Yangwu’s fire has now destroyed all of our rations. Being a member of the opposition, if Jiang Yi Qu presses the point…

[DJ]: You’re right. This battle might be too far gone, but the main plot has been completed. We mustn’t lose our cool.

[?]: Yang Qing went to report to Chief Controller. Let’s join him there.

[DJ]: Go.

Damn it! Just one step short!

The rations depot catches fire, and now troops from Liyang come charging!

Jiang Yi Qu comes here, could it be…

to save Yuan Shao!?

[?]: Boss, Chief Controller’s troop has arrived!

[DJ]: Ha!

[Sima Yi]: Ha.

{sfx: pa~}

Liyang’s Jiang Yi Qu grew up in Henan…

It’s an area that has the highest business traffic with the Sima clan!

[SMY]: I finally got it.

[SMY]: Even if Yuan Fang isn’t Yuan Shao’s son, he’s still the one to inherit everything.

[SMY]: There must be a reason behind all that hassle.

[SMY]: I believe Yuan Fang has the ambition to replace Han with Yuan.
(“if not calculated wrong…”)

[SMY]: You were friends with Yuan Fang ever since childhood. You must know the secret.

[DJ]: Zhong Da, don’t… don’t make wild guesses!

[SMY]: If you won’t talk, I won’t force you. I’ll just leave you to Jiang Yi Qu…

[SMY]: The truth will soon be revealed.

[DJ]: So it is you who told him to come!

[DJ]: Oh and the fire, you started that too!

[SMY]: I’m merely a foot soldier in the Cao camp, with only small tricks to play, never the power to make strategic decisions.
(“…where receiving the power to decide”)

[SMY]: I’m telling you, I’ve always been on the outside of the game.

[SMY]: Perhaps my fame gives a good cover for the real star of the show.

[SMY]: And just as Guo Jia had planned, our enemies have focused their gaze on me;

[SMY]: while the real leads work undisturbed in the Yuan camp.

[SMY]: Yuan Fang planted insiders in Cao Cao’s camp, so logically speaking Guo Jia must also have planned a surprise attack.

[SMY]: Sadly… an outsider like me only gets to hear about it now.

[SMY]: Haha, Guo Jia has played us both.

[DJ]: Who’s the leading man?

[SMY]: You want to know too?

[SMY]: Hmm. I guess there’s no harm in telling a prisoner.

[SMY]: They are Zhang and Gao.
(“one surnamed Zhang, one surnamed Gao”)

[SMY]: Think about it. Cao Cao’s escape is guaranteed if those two are doing the encirclement.

[?]: Young Master, Jiang Yi Qu’s troop is coming!

[SMY]: We’re still Cao Cao’s men. Don’t let them catch us. Let’s go.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Pack up! Hurry!
[?]: Let’s go!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Shit, why were you so careless! After him!

[?]: It’s done.
[SMY]: Notify the “Jiang Yi Qu” troop down there.

[?]: By Young Master’s order, reroute to herd the sheep!

[SMY]: Chase him back to Hebei.

[SMY]: Let him spread the news.
(“…tell everything to other there people”)

[SMY]: Report back to Guo Jia that I’ve done my part.

[SMY]: Yuan Fang’s two henchmen Zhang He and Gao Lan will lose their heads if they return.

[SMY]: Guo Jia’s meticulous planning shall put the Yuan clan in serious trouble this time.

[?]: Young Master, does that mean Zhang and Gao are not the insiders? Then who…

[SMY]: Guo Jia didn’t say. But if I were him…

[SMY]: I may know who it is…
(“I already guessed who”)

[SMY]: Just watch. Guo Jia has many more tricks that are about to play out.

[?]: Yangwu’s rations, all… all gone!

[?]: Chief Controller… we’re too late!

[?]: Damnit. Yangwu’s fire and Cao Cao’s escape…

[Yuan Fang]: Deputy!
[?]: Here!

[YF]: Proceed with the second plan. Full retreat back to Hebei!

[YF]: Team one, prepare to cross the river with me!

[YF]: Messengers, notify every province that I’ll be in charge of everything now that our Lord and his sons are dead!

[YF]: And tell our invasion forces to pull out of Cao Cao’s territories so we can preserve our strength!

[YF]: Team two, return with the army to transport all remaining rations here for our immediate needs!
[?]: Yessir!

[YF]: The main troop shall retreat ahead of me!
[?]: Yessir. Please take care of yourself, Chief Controller!

[YF]: Yang Qing.
[Yang Qing]: Here!

[YF]: Take your men and patrol the roadways toward Cao Cao’s camp. Capture anyone and everyone. Don’t let the insider get away.
[YQ]: Yessir!

[YF]: And tell our insiders in the Cao camp to stay put.

[YF]: We’ll try again after I unite the northern territories!

[YQ]: No need.

[YQ]: They’ve all been captured.

[YQ]: Advisor Guo Jia wants you to know:

[YQ]: you have Xu You,

[YQ]: I have Yang Qing.

Look out,

the third move is coming.


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