Ravaging Times

Volume 44

Back Cover Couplet
With the proper burial of the souls of crane and flower, suddenly the sound of a crouching dragon can be heard

Previously on Ravages
Yuan Fang displayed his tactical genius at Guandu; Feng Hou’s Grasp of Miracles shocked the world

Ravages Afterword
I’ve been insanely busy for these past two months.
First I was deadlining on the volume release, and then it was the novel (mostly it tortures Wang Yi Xing).
After completing one task I realized it was only the tip of the iceberg.
Now that the book is about to be released, there are still tons of work left to do.
For all these years I’m finally beginning to understand why being able to write and draw might not be such a strength.
I gotta take care of everything. How stupid is that!
As brilliant as Zhuge Liang was, even he would collapse. Let alone a cobbler like me…

Overtime on Sunday? That’s scary amount of work.
No, my child at home is scarier.

Next on Ravages
After which Guo Jia led the army into Hebei and was met with little or no resistance.
Though behind him, two arrows are ready to fire at a moment’s notice.
Volume 45
Uniting The Yuan Clan


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