Ravaging Times

chapter 349

[?]: The gates are down, the Yuan army has entered the camp! Retreat to the inner quarters!

[?]: Sir! The fifth camp has just lost their ground!

[?]: Yue Jin‘s troop has fled the camp!
(“…already escaped outside the camp”)

chapter 349 The Sun Is Shining

[?]: Overseer, someone from the third camp is here!
(“…third camp sent someone here”)

[Xiahou Yuan]: Even the third camp is failing?

[?]: We can’t hold on any longer, Overseer; let’s borrow from the first battalion!

[XHY]: No. We can’t use our reserve just yet.

[?]: More men will be surrendering if you don’t send for aid!

[XHY]: Guo Jia said we’re to let the men rest in shifts, starting now.

[?]: To hell with strategies, damn it! We’re almost finished!
(“…we are almost done for, who cares about what strategy”)

[?]: Overseer, the second camp has fallen!

[?]: The main force is scattering, and the supporting camps are also in disarray.

[?]: Some have even changed into Yuan army uniforms to sneak out of here!

[?]: And their leaders… are… are many of our key generals!

[?]: Xiahou Yuan, what’re you waiting for?

[XHY]: They fled…

[XHY]: Hoo.

{Yuan army’s forth camp}

[?]: Wounded returnees, go report to your troop!

[?]: Those without a company to go back to, join the reserves.
[?]: The twelfth battalion of Hebei, prepare for battle!

[?]: Did you say a fire broke out at Yangwu?

[?]: Yes. The flames are visible from the hills.

[?]: Yangwu is our rations depot. How could that happen when it’s heavily guarded?

[?]: I think it’s a decoy to incite fear among our men.
[?]: Yes. We should ask commander Lu later.

[?]: Is Commander Lu available? We’ve been waiting for a while!

[?]: What! No?

[?]: Who’s he talking to?

[?]: So Yue Yi met Xiahou Dun in the tunnels…

[?]: Yessir. After Blind Xiahou took out general Yue, Cao Cao‘s men that were hiding nearby all rushed into the tunnels.

{camp master of the forth camp, Lu Yuan Hao}
[Lu Yuan Hao]: Damn. Our laborious effort gave them a place to hide…
(“…the tunnels we dug, became their hiding place instead”)

[LYH]: The tunnels head in all directions. There are almost a hundred of them, right…
[?]: Yessir.

[LYH]: And some of them…

[LYH]: should’ve been abandoned…

[?]: Sir, the Cao army has charged out of the camp!

[?]: Haha, they’re finally on the run!

[?]: Direction.
[?]: They’re coming at us!

[?]: Wh… what?

[?]: They can still fight?
(“…still has strength”)

[?]: This camp is managed by their overseer Xiahou Yuan.

[LYH]: It’ll look good on our records if we can take him out while Cao Cao is away.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Good thing you’re all here.
[?]: Dispatch a team and follow me!

[?]: Yangwu’s fire is real.

[?]: The morale will crumble the moment that fact is verified.
(“…army definitely immediately collapse”)

{Han Hao}
[Han Hao]: Notify our infiltration units-
(“…brothers who have blended in this camp”)

[HH]: It’s time.
(“move hand” ~ “do it”)

[HH]: While Yuan Fang is away,

[HH]: taking you out will look good on my record too.

[?]: We’ve endured enough harassment. It’s payback time!
(“been harassed long time…”)

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Fuck you.
(“your mom”, which harkens back to last time when he was cursing “blind your mother” or “your mother’s blind”)

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: More of Cao Cao’s men have come in!

[Xiahou Dun]: Keh!

{sfx: ta}

[XHD]: Finally, daylight.
(“finally seeing daylight”)

[XHD]: A-Man,
(Cao Cao’s childhood nickname)

[XHD]: the sun is shining.

One day in October of year 200, the news of the loss of rations at Yangwu has spread to all of Yuan clan’s encampments.

Everyone panicked, as if their own backyard is on fire.


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