Ravaging Times

chapter 350

{north of Xu capital}
(“xu county…” or “xuxian…”)

[?]: We leave this place to you all!

[?]: Fifth battalion, continue the advance!

{flag reads: Yuan}
[?]: Toward the capital!

chapter 350 Renewed Antagonism
(“restart planting enemies”)

[?]: The Cao army has been losing battle after battle. Our main force at the front has surrounded the capital.

[?]: Smooth sailing, general. Cao De’s planned path has been quite reliable.
(“…everything going successful…”)

[Guo Yuan]: A small victory thanks to weaker enemy forces. We should remain cautious.
{Yuan Shao’s General-In-Chief, Guo Yuan}

[GY]: You should know that the commanding officer of the Cao army is the infamous Jia Xu
(“…well renowned…”)

[?]: Is General Guo here?

[?]: Just say your piece.

[?]: Uh…

[GY]: Got it.

[GY]: Men, I bring you the greatest news!
(“…this is sky-sized good news”)

[GY]: A decisive victory at Guandu! And Cao Cao has been killed by our Chief Controller!

[?]: We’ve thought as much, Master Guo!
(“…we long predicted it”)

[GY]: Do not lower your guard, everyone. Cao Cao’s main army is still scattered across the Yan ford.

[GY]: By Chief Controller’s orders, we’re to turn about and join our main force to finish Cao Cao’s remaining troops!

[?]: Tail to lead, turn!
[?]: Fifth battalion, turn about!

[?]: Boss.

[?]: You want us to return to the Yan ford? Does… does that mean…
(“…it…it couldn’t be…”)

[GY]: Yes. I have to consider the big picture, so I lied.
(“…I could only lies-consecutive-pages”)

[GY]: A fire at Yangwu has burned all of our rations. This battle is over.

[GY]: Now… the only thing to do is to preserve morale and turn about slowly.

[Jia Xu]: Success. They’re abandoning their main force.

[JX]: Men, prepare for action!
[?]: Yessir!

[JX]: This Guo Yuan is amazing to be able to keep calm in the face of disaster.

[JX]: Their main army has gone far too deep into enemy territory. They’ll crumble the moment they discover the problem with rations.

[JX]: We’ll take shortcuts to the rear of their army.

[JX]: No need to fight as hard; just block their retreat.

[JX]: There’s a limit to how many battles I can stand to lose.
(“…endurance has limit”; here the “I” is implicit)

[JX]: How about a military oath…

[JX]: With no more than five days and one-tenth the army strength-
(I think it’s one-tenth of the Cao army, not of the enemy forces)

[JX]: fifty thousand Yuan soldiers shall never return to Guandu!

{Cao camp}

[?]: The Yuan army has withdrawn; they’ve withdrawn!

[?]: The fortieth round is over. Time to repair the camp walls!

[?]: So they’re taking a break.

[?]: No, they won’t return this time.

{sfx: pa}

[Guo Jia]: With the fire at Yangwu, this time their retreat is for good.

[GJ]: Notify the rear troops, that after resting they’re to pursue the enemy!

[?]: Yessir!

[GJ]: Li Dian, we’ll depend on you again for the supply of rations.

[Li Dian]: Don’t worry, Advisor. My troop has never failed.

[?]: But… this did come sooner than expected.

[GJ]: How could he not work hard when it’s in his best interest?

[GJ]: He has certainly helped us tremendously this time.
(“…established great achievement/credit/merit”)

[LD]: Yes. Soon the merchants can stop supplying rations.

[GJ]: He aided us in battle, and he united all of our merchants behind the scene.

[GJ]: After this campaign, he will definitely become a major power at our base.

[GJ]: He’ll control the lifeline of our economy.
(or “economic lifeline”?)

[GJ]: That guy has vastly surpassed my calculation.

[GJ]: Eventually…

{sfx: pa}

[old Jia]: Three months, Young Master, then the supply can stop.

[J]: That would cut the expected contribution by half for every clan.
(“…saved a double of tribute ration”)

[Sima Yi]: Have the clans of Li, Huang and Lu given their answer?

[J]: Yes. They said if you can help them survive this difficult time,

[J]: they’ll ally with us once they can stop supplying rations.
(quite the tongue twister, better suggestion?)

[J]: They’re yours now, Young Master.

[SMY]: Money’s picked up, but a tall tree attracts the wind. A new danger approaches.

[SMY]: That guy has tried numerous times in vain to end me. It must be frustrating for him.
(“…push me onto a death path but fail, must be feeling dissatisfied/unacceptable”)

[SMY]: There’s a limit to my patience.
(“endurance has limit”; this “my” is implicit, purposefully vague so the author can plot the story either way)

[SMY]: Mister Guo, your end is nigh.

Sima Yi sneered.

And Guo Jia coughed.


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