Ravaging Times

chapter 357

[?]: How many of our troops are left?

[?]: Five. Not even a hundred thousand strong.

[?]: The rest have been absorbed by those two brothers.
(“…swallowed up…”)

[Jiang Qi]: That same rumor is still circulating among the men…
{Jiang Qi}

chapter 357 Flower Watcher
(could be “connoisseur”, not sure)

[JQ]: Is Young Master…

{Duan Jian}
[Duan Jian]: I don’t know either. But… we can’t abandon what’s his.

[JQ]: Fine. I’ll go tell them that our Young Master is still alive, but he’s operating in secret.

[JQ]: I take my leave. Stay safe, boss.

Xiao Cha, today is your…
(the unspoken part is probably “the anniversary of your death”; the “cha” in her name is the same as in “camellia”)

Where is your dearest Fang?
(“…fang brother”; this “brother” here is technically an affectionate reference to an older male sweetheart, NOT blood-relation)

[?]: Yuan Fang isn’t here…

[Zhang Fei]: even if today is an important day.

[ZF]: After searching all this time, I finally found Yuan Fang’s weakness.

[ZF]: Pity. Fate is too stingy to allow a meeting.
(the sentence does not say who he wants to see, whether it is Yuan Fang or Xiao Cha; if the rumor of the Ravages light novel influencing the comic is true, this line is definitely referring to “meeting Xiao Cha”, because obviously he has already met Yuan Fang before)

[ZF]: The camellia is beautiful, but the flower-watcher isn’t here.

[ZF]: I came here just to confirm this.

[ZF]: Looks like mister Zhuge the Seventh Genius was right.

[ZF]: He’s dead.

{sfx: cha~}

[ZF]: Pity,

[DJ]: Huff.

[ZF]: pity.

[DJ]: Huff.

[?]: You seem distracted, mister.
(I want to say “sad” here, but that’s not what the dictionary says; any suggestion for a translation that would connect with the next line better?)

[?]: Flower lovers are always moody.

[?]: So it’s true. Yuan Fang’s dead.

{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: Huff.

[?]: Huff.

{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: Huff.

{sfx: cha~}

[ZH]: Whoa.

[?]: Whoa.

[ZF]: Since we’re on the same side, why not be frank.

[?]: Your name.
(“report name”)

[ZF]: Zhang Fei, of Liu Bei.

[?]: Pang De, of Ma Teng.

[ZF]: Oh, Ma Teng of Guanzhong has always hated Cao Cao. This move…

[ZF]: must be in collaboration with the Yuan brothers.

[PD]: You’re right, mister. Yuan Fang stirred up enough trouble for the Yuan clan. His existence puts us at a disadvantage.

[PD]: Now that his two head minions are dead, their remaining forces will scatter. He’ll have a harder time restarting even if he lives.

[PD]: My master made an agreement with successor Yuan Shang – settle the internal strife, then deal with the external.

[ZF]: What else?

[PD]: Once Yuan Fang dies,

[PD]: the chaos in the north shall end, leading to a rematch against Cao Cao.

[PD]: Cao Cao won’t have time to go southward, and that’s enough to resolve Jingzhou’s immediate danger.
(“…military/war trouble”)

[ZF]: And my master can start anew in Jingzhou.

[PD]: Since we’re on the same side, that’ll be it for now.

[PD]: Goodbye.

[ZF]: You fought well; about the same level as my second brother.
(“good martial art…”)

[PD]: You’re not so bad yourself, mister; of the same caliber as my young master.

[PD]: And with the same love for blossoms.

[ZF]: Oh? Of what…?
(“he likes what flower?”)

[Ma Chao]: Blood.
(“blood flower”)
{flag reads: Cao}

After Duan Jian and Jiang Qi’s deaths, Yuan Shang’s Bingzhou army cleared the path southward. Cao Cao’s army at Xinye moved northward to meet them, instantly relieving the crisis at Jingzhou.


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