Ravaging Times

chapter 359

(that flag symbol is not written in Chinese)

chapter 359 Pull Out the Thorn To Use As Arrow
(“pull thorn on bowstring”; this might be some sort of Cantonese idiom, but I simply have no idea about this “Chen-speak” XD)

{army movement sfx}

{flag reads: Gao}

[?]: First battalion of the southern Xiongnu kingdom is here!
(“…has arrived”)

[?]: The Bingzhou army is here!
(“…has arrived”)

{Hun kingdom of the Southern Xiongnu, ChanyuLuanti Huchuquan“}
[Huchuquan]: Gao Gan! Didn’t expect me to beat you to here, did ya?
(is it “beat you here”? one says, “you beat me to the finish line” but it doesn’t sound right here)
{“Chanyu” is what the Xiongnu people call their alliance chief of various tribes}

{Yuan Shao‘s nephew, Inspector of Bingzhou, Gao Gan}
[Gao Gan]: The Mighty Army of Shanxi indeed. Your speed is truly shocking.

[Chanyu]: Haha! Guo Yuan is too fast. We’ll have to pick up the pace if we hope to catch up to him.

[Chanyu]: I heard that guy has taken the county of Jiang without any casualties. What a great beginning.

[GG]: Guo Yuan is famous in Hedong. How could the Cao army not be afraid of him.

[?]: With our three armies here, we’re just short of one.

[Huchuquan]: No, Ma Teng is fast too. Don’t forget he had an obstacle in his path.

[Huchuquan]: I made it here before he could because he took out Duan Jian and Jiang Qi‘s troops.

[GG]: Their troops are no weaklings. How could they be offed so quickly, unless…

[Huchuquan]: Hehe, did you forget who’s in Ma Teng’s army…

[?]: Right now Ma Teng has reached the county of Jiang, and Guo Yuan is preparing to march south.

[GG]: Guo Yuan’s strategy is pretty nice. Cao Cao‘s main force has been lured away by young master Yuan Shang.

[Huchuquan]: With young sir Shang keeping the Cao army busy, we’ll have the opportunity for surprise raids.

[?]: Good. So what’re we waiting for…

[?]: Split up. Move out!

{Liyang, Cao Cao’s encampment}

[?]: Here’s the latest. Gao Gan and Luanti Huchuquan have come too.

[?]: While Guo Yuan captured the county of Jiang.

[?]: Having lost none of his own, Guo Yuan might decide to march southward.

[?]: That Ma Teng… is still holding his ground.

[?]: My troop advanced northward and put Yuan Shang on the defensive.

{Cao Ren}
[Cao Ren]: So we used the opportunity to push further in to strengthen our military power in Hebei.

[Cao Cao]: Very good. By demonstrating our military might, those men of Hebei will be living in fear.

[?]: Yuan Tan is short on men and supplies; he shouldn’t cause any trouble.

[CC]: Focus our main force on Yuan Shang. Fight a few battles to wear him down a bit.

[CR]: Balance out the power of the two brothers. Make it easier for them to destroy each other later.

[CC]: As Guo Jia planned, when our main force lock on to Yuan Shang, we lose the western front to them.

[CC]: Pulling back just enough for all of Yuan Shang’s minions to show themselves.
(more faithful translation would be “With this one retreat, Yuan Shang’s minions have certainly all appeared.”)

[CR]: Haha, I was afraid they wouldn’t.

[?]: To remove a pest, start with its minions.
(“…claws and teeth”)

[?]: Sir!

[CR]: Did the rations supply increase automatically again?
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: The county of Jiang surrendered without a fight. So he increased the ration supply for fears of our reprimand.
[?]: The amount is sizable and it was delivered quickly. Looks like the merchants around these parts are his people too.

[?]: He’s down there now, my Lord. Do you want to see him?

[CC]: What a speedy progression…
(“developed so quickly”)

[CC]: Guo Yuan arrived and Jia Kui surrendered?
[CR]: Yessir.

[CC]: Just like Guo Jia predicted. That guy would double his efforts as soon as Jia Kui is in trouble.

[CR]: A-man, this man is adept at scheming. It’s difficult to get a handle on his vulnerabilities.

[?]: Having been assigned to the county of Jiang for two years, Jia Kui has already won over the people.

[?]: And there are no shortage of his kind in each of our provinces.

[CC]: Even thorns are as sharp as swords under my command.

[?]: Excellent. They’ve all shown themselves.

[old Jia]: Young Master, looks like Cao Cao isn’t going to meet with you.

[Sima Yi]: Old Jia, any news from Jia Kui?

[J]: No. But don’t worry. My son’s crafty…

[J]: Killing him won’t be easy. I’m just concerned that…

[SMY]: You’re concerned that his surrender will put me in a tight spot?

[SMY]: As you said, he surrendered in order to protect our private army.

[SMY]: Having worked so hard to build one, I don’t want to lose it all either.

[SMY]: Jia Kui is indeed a smart man.

[SMY]: And another one is here too.

[J]: Young Master, ar… are you not here for Cao Cao?

[SMY]: Who said I was looking for Cao Cao?

[?]: Haha, perfect timing.

[?]: Oh, young mister Sima. Why are you…

[SMY]: I’ve been waiting for you, mister Zhang.

Mister Zhang turned around and headed westward.

For he is already sharing a common ground.


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