Ravaging Times

chapter 361


[?]: Lu Song was arrested in Hongnong.
(all four of these lines may be slightly distorted due to syntax ambiguity; the gloss is “hong nong’s lu song was arrested”, so the person could be arrested anywhere else but that he was originally from Hongnong… Perhaps it’s unnecessary to make it 100% accurate, just that a bunch of their people got arrested throughout the country)

[?]: Li Jun’s group was arrested in Aocang.

[?]: Ma Ren and Ma Bing’s group was arrested in Xiaopei.

[?]: Han Ji’s group was arrested in Juancheng.

chapter 361 Endless Weeds
(“wild grass endless”; I don’t like this translation, but “endless prairie grass” sucks, so does “wild growths that will not die”; it probably has to end up being something equivalent but not mentioning “wild grass” at all, making it not faithful; ARGH!)

[?]: They all work for us.
(“…all are our people”)

{Sima Yi‘s wife, Shan Wu Ling}
[Shan Wu Ling]: What about the Shan clan?

[?]: They’re also under close surveillance. But master Zhang hasn’t been checked yet.
(Zhang Wang, her foster father)

[?]: There’s no escaping Guo Jia‘s investigation, Madam. It’s just a matter of time.
(“…whoever guo jia wants to check, we cannot sooner or later avoid”)

[?]: My only concern is that some of them won’t be able to withstand the interrogation.
(“…(and) confessed”)

[SWL]: Any news from Zheng De of Henei?

[?]: Madam, Zheng De was the first to lose contact.

[SWL]: Zheng De’s disappearance, followed by Jia Kui‘s capture.

[?]: Yes. We suspected that it was him who gave Guo Jia the information.

[?]: One was in charge of money, and the other of our military.
(“they two persons, one manages money; the other controls soldiers, roles important.”)

[?]: Now the former disappears and the latter gets captured.
(“now, one who manages money disappears, along with one who controls soldiers gets captured”)

[SWL]: He’s human after all. It’s forgivable if torture’s involved.

[SWL]: That Guo… is now getting on my nerves too.
(“…now even I hate him too”)

[?]: The situation is dire, Madam. What should we do?

[?]: You’re worried?
(plural “you”, I tried saying “you all” or “you guys” but doesn’t sound good here, when this line could be said by either SWL or Jia Kui)

[Jia Kui]: Don’t be.
(“no need to worry”)

[JK]: Young Master will come up with a solution.

[JK]: We just need to do our part.

[JK]: First and foremost… is to keep all of us alive.

[JK]: How are they?

[?]: You were right, boss. Guo Yuan never kills those who surrender.
(I want to simplify the last term to “prisoner-of-war”, but sometimes POW are captured/detained against their will, so maybe not as precise)

[?]: But I’m worried…

[?]: About what?

[JK]: That someone might fear for their lives?

[?]: Just so.

[?]: A grown tree cannot be free of withering branches.
(according to this Chinese explanation, this is part of a Cantonese saying – meaning, you get all kinds of people the bigger your group gets)

[JK]: We all do what’s best for ourselves.
(“…person for self, anything will do”)

[JK]: We’re human after all. It’s forgivable if torture is involved.

[JK]: Guo Yuan is a very smart man.

[JK]: Cao Cao‘s army is like his plaything in this battle.

[JK]: It’s impossible to fool him.

[JK]: On the contrary, we may have to treat him with honesty.

[JK]: Here he comes.

[Guo Yuan]: You want to cooperate?

[Sima Yi]: You’re wise, commander Guo!

{Liyang, Cao Cao’s encampment}

[Guo Jia]: Please come in, Torture Master.

[Jia Xu]: As you predicted, Zheng De confessed to everything.

[GJ]: Excellent.

[?]: Too bad the culprit and his relatives all disappeared.

[JX]: This guy is really amazing. We still haven’t been able to uproot him and his influences.

[GJ]: Where do you think he is now?
(could also be “guess where he is”, but the implication is quite different)

[JX]: He’ll go to Guo Yuan, then exact his revenge on you.
(“…look for you exact revenge”)

[GJ]: Cough.

[GJ]: Cough… exact…
(“…look for me”)

[GJ]: Cough cough… That’s good. I’m waiting for him as well.

[GJ]: And I’ve waited for a long time!

[GJ]: Cough… cough… cough cough cough!

[GJ]: Come, come.

[GJ]: Come.

[GJ]: My last move… is in place.

It is a wolf that can turn its head around.


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