Ravaging Times

chapter 364

[?]: Stop.

[?]: Okay. You go first.

chapter 364 Dragon, Wolf, Crow and Pest

[Guo Yuan]: Gather Jingyang’s supplies for our aid.

[Sima Yi]: And timely too, sir, don’t worry.
(“…definitely on time”)

[GY]: I already gave you the list of insiders.

[GY]: Rally them for the counter-attack.
[SMY]: Yessir.

[?]: Look, someone on the shore!

[?]: It’s Zhao Cheng from Gao Gan‘s army!

[Zhao Cheng]: Be careful, Commander Guo!

[ZC]: While passing Jingyang, we were ambushed…

[ZC]: by… by the Zhang clan of Luoyang!

[?]: The Zhang clan!

[GY]: Sima Yi,

[GY]: you!

{sfx: ta}

[GY]: So the Handicapped Warriors still exist!
(“who knew…”)

[SMY]: No, stronger.

[Ma Chao]: The God of War.

[?]: Commander Guo, ne… near the shore!
[?]: Am… ambush!

[?]: Get ready!

{Ma Teng‘s subordinate, Pang De}
[Pang De]: Go.

[?]: Surround Guo Yuan’s ship.

[?]: Oh no! Commander Guo’s ship has come to a stop. It’s too late!

[?]: General, we can’t turn around!


[?]: Surround them! Attack!

[Jia Kui]: Who knew I would be rescued by Ma Teng.

[SMY]: Well, only he could move about Guo Yuan’s encampment with ease.

[JK]: And Zhang Ji has led away all of our troop.

[SMY]: Excellent. Thanks to your hard work.

{sfx: pong~}

[JK]: Xiliang’s God of War indeed.

[SMY]: Sadly no chance to witness a match between him and the warrior duo!

[?]: Sir, we found two armies in the rear heading straight for our Xiliang.

[?]: The commanding officers are indeed Zhang Liao and Zhang He.

[?]: Having laid in wait for months, my Lord, we still didn’t catch wind of these two armies.

[?]: Yuan Shang‘s alliance has been eliminated overnight. The combined power of the warrior duo is really frightening.

[?]: Zhong Yao guarded the border for years. He certainly does know a thing or two.

{Ma Teng}
[Zhang Ji]: Don’t worry, General Ma. I’ve already notified Zhong Yao.
{Zhang Ji}
[Ma Teng]: He and I have been friends for years.

[MT]: This news would make him very happy.

[MT]: Fortunately we’ve got you to warn us, or Xiliang’d be lost.

[ZJ]: It’s an honor to share your burden.

[ZJ]: The tug of war between Cao and Yuan means the crisis over Hedong won’t be resolved quickly.
(“…Cao Cao even if has skilled, still cannot immediately resolve Hedong crisis”)

[ZJ]: If you use this opportunity to punish Guo Yuan, a two-pronged attack will ensure our victory.
[?]: Fire!
[ZJ]: Cao Cao will be grateful not having to deploy his forces.

[ZJ]: It also helps to ease his suspicion,
(“this way ma da-ren can resolve Cao Cao’s suspicion”)

[ZJ]: and let you rejoin His Majesty.

[MT]: How do you know my intention?

[ZJ]: You despise Cao Cao, General Ma, but you also fear for His Majesty.

[ZJ]: Colluding with the Yuan clan is only a front when in actuality you hate their hypocrisy.

[ZJ]: Your heart is on fire while you serve outside the court. You rather stand before His Majesty and shield him from harm.

[ZJ]: General Ma,

[ZJ]: politics is like noodles. It may be delicious, but that’s what a man justifies to himself when eating alone.
(“managing politics is like eating noodles, no matter how good tasting, not able to share with another, is only justifying to oneself“)

[ZJ]: Like they say, Xiliang’s noodle could never match the refined taste of the Central Plain.
(slightly distorted, probably very specific to the “court of Middle Kingdom”, but the wording is confusing me)

[ZJ]: While Cao Cao is pleased, why not go to the Capital now to win his trust,

[ZJ]: and stay close to His Majesty?

[ZJ]: Let the anti-hero taste Xiliang’s delicacy,

[ZJ]: so that you may use food in politics and save the world from war?


{Xu Chu}
[Han Hao]: Deployment complete. Attack!
{Han Hao}

[?]: The… the Cao army’s here!

[?]: All fronts!

[?]: Xiahou Yuan‘s troop engage!

[?]: Cao Hong‘s troop engage!

[Xiahou Dun]: Oh… oh…

[XHD]: Feng Xiao, Ma Teng’s letter says he has taken a detour to attack Guo Yuan.

[XHD]: And Zhang Ji’s letter says the Zhang clan of Luoyang has ambushed Gao Gan’s troop outside the city.

[XHD]: Zhong Yao’s letter says Chanyu will be an easy target without reinforcements.

[XHD]: In addition… Sima Yi’s letter says the list of insiders… will be delivered soon.

[XHD]: Who knew it’d turn out like this after a day…
(I want to translate this as “What a difference a day brings”, but kind of stretching further than the meaning)

[Guo Jia]: Haha, our Lord sent word too, saying Yuan Shang’s weaker force at Liyang won’t be able to hold on much longer.

[GJ]: Excellent. Every crisis resolved in one day.

[GJ]: Sima Yi and Zhang Ji… Two arrows fired in secret.

[GJ]: If my calculation is correct, Ma Teng will head for the Capital and serve as a court minister.
(not sure if the last part means “minister of internal affairs” or “within our circle” or something like that)

[XHD]: Ma Teng comes to the capital; in order words… Xiliang will become our territory.

[?]: Haha, that Sima Yi is something alright.
(“…really has skills/tricks/ability”)

[?]: Sir, the merchant clans have given their all and delivered the supplies.

{sfx: pa}

[GJ]: A successful last deployment.

[GJ]: That wolf is clearly my stomach worm.
(sorry, can’t think of a more appropriate translation)

[GJ]: Only he could figure out my truest intention.

[GJ]: And it’s only because of his loyalty that I dared to let him handle everything.

[GJ]: My last move is set for a greater crisis.

[GJ]: The opponent has been preparing themselves during Cao and Yuan’s battle of attrition at Guandu.

[GJ]: A war to shake the Imperial Liu clan is about to commence.

[GJ]: And the one laying the groundwork…
(and the person doing the deploying)

[GJ]: is about to show himself.

That year Master Water Mirror resided in Jingzhou. He silently awaits the battle that he is looking forward to the most.


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