Ravaging Times

chapter 369

[?]: Harder!
(“exert force”)

[?]: Push harder!
(“exert force, push”)

chapter 369 A Send-off to A Close Friend

[?]: Hurry! The rain’ll be heavier tomorrow-
[?]: then the road condition would be even worse!
(“the road ahead will be harder for travel”)

[Jia Xu]: Oh.

[JX]: Tian Shou, where’s Guo Jia?

{Tian Shou}
[Tian Shou]: Advisor Guo went to Liucheng.
(“city of Liu”, but I don’t want to confuse people into thinking it is “city of Liu Bei” or something; not the same “liu” regardless)

[JX]: His condition worsened?
(“medical condition…”)
[?]: Yessir.

[JX]: Finally… he couldn’t hold on any longer.

[JX]: Listen up, our Lord has sent me to help. Summon the other generals to come as well.

[TS]: I cannot. The generals have already received their orders from Advisor Guo.
(“…received Guo daren’s order to advance”)

[TS]: One troop was sent to the hills of Xuwu to aid in clearing the path.
(related info)

[TS]: Another troop is preparing to go through Baitan and Pinggang.
(see previous wikipedia link)

[JX]: Aiming at the Xianbei tribe first – that’s what I planned to do.

[?]: Where’s Advisor Guo?

[?]: He went to Liucheng!
[?]: What?

{Wang Yan}
[Wang Yan]: Long time no see, Advisor Jia.

[JX]: Wang Yan, what brought you here from Shangluo?
(“…which wind blew you from shang luo to here”)

[WY]: Gao Gan was conspiring to revolt. I took care of him by Advisor Guo’s order.

[JX]: Haha, so that Luanti Huchuquan did betray his ally.

[WY]: Advisor Guo’s calculation was spot on. It sure made my job easier.

[?]: Okay, I was just heading to Liucheng to claim the credit.
[?]: Haha, wish you a promotion.

Even the western front has been conquered…

[?]: Advisor Jia, look…

[?]: Transport ships. Does Advisor Guo want to travel by water?

[JX]: The water route goes to Liaodong.

[?]: You mean…

[JX]: Guo Jia is sending a gift to Gongsun Kang of Liaodong.

Feng Xiao, so you have planned that far…

It looks like the war between Yuan and Cao is fast approaching its end. Soon our Lord will have swallowed half of this world.

In year 207, Yuan Shang and Yuan Xi fled to Wuwan after their defeat. They rallied all the barbarian tribes in their rear territory for a fight to the finish. Cao Cao sent his army northward in preparation for the final showdown.
(I’m a little confused about Wuwan and Wuhuan and whether they refer to people or location)

[?]: He’s here.

[?]: How is it?

{Jia Kui}
[?]: Bug, he… his end is near.

[?]: He said he wants to see your Young Master.

[?]: Old friend,

[Chen Deng]: looks like… fate’s too stingy to grant us a meeting.
{General Who Calms the Waves, Chen Deng}

[JK]: Young Master sent me.

[JK]: Yuan Long, I’ve brought the best doctor from Yanzhou.
{Chen Deng, courtesy name Yuan Long}

[CD]: I’m beyond cure. Medicine and acupuncture are of no avail.

[CD]: Not to mention… Yanzhou’s doctor will never be as good as that…
[JK]: Sorry, but the one who went to Jingzhou couldn’t come.

[CD]: Brilliant. So you guys really did take Hua Tuo away.

[CD]: Excellent… excellent…

[CD]: Don’t bring him here, just to be safe.
(“…be wary of tricks”)

[CD]: I feel cured by the thought of burying Guo Jia with me.

[JK]: Are you still holding the grudge against Guo Jia for his part in the Xuzhou massacre?

[CD]: I can’t wait to watch him suffer in the underworld.

[CD]: But as Zhong Da’s comrade, I must remind him…

[CD]: Guo Jia is ingenious; his strategies cover all the bases. He may be near death…

[CD]: but… cough, cough, cough cough…

[CD]: but never… ever lower one’s guard.

[CD]: I always believe, that Zhong Da’s… every move…

[CD]: has, actually, never escaped Guo Jia’s notice…

[CD]: He didn’t go for the kill, only because…

[CD]: he still have a design.
(“…still have intention”; this sounds weird either way, if you are really confused by the wording, let me know and I’ll say, “he still have a plan for him”, but that’s putting words in his mouth)

[CD]: He kept a watchful eye… and never relaxed.

[CD]: Like the reaper…
(“…rope life ghost”)

[CD]: Forever…
(“swing at it”)

[CD]: …haunting.
(“not leave”)

That night, Guo Jia saw Chen Deng in his dream as well.


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