Ravaging Times

chapter 371

[?]: Business profit increased by two-tenth while you were away.
(careless math mistake corrected by reader MLee; ^_^;)

[?]: Our business allies followed suit, and have entered into a no-loss state.
(translation suggestion by reader MLee)

[?]: Look, this is our newest setup.

chapter 371 The Unbeatable Strategy

[Shan Wu Ling]: Excellent.

[SWL]: These businesses… were among the new allies?

[?]: Yes. They’ve always had dealings with Xuzhou’s Chen clan-

[?]: which they’ve been busy devouring ever since general Chen Deng’s passing.

[SWL]: That kind of ability means a significant backer…

[?]: Looks like they’ve been trying to join us for a while.

[?]: The Sima clan has always stayed clear of the Cao clan’s business dealings, but this time…

[?]: Madam, you think these are Cao clan’s people?

[SWL]: Correct. We monopolized the market…

[SWL]: so they want to infiltrate, then swallow the head of operations by using large amounts of funding.

[?]: If that’s their goal, madam, we should be even more vigilant.

[?]: How do we get rid of them?

[SWL]: No.

[SWL]: Their roots run deep. It’s too late for a clean cut.

[SWL]: This is Guo Jia’s strategy- how could it be easy to overturn?

[?]: Guo Jia?

[SWL]: Zhong Da’s ambition seems to have been discovered.

[SWL]: It’s a double-edged sword. Either serves as support or as a counterattack.

[SWL]: It’s just like how they planted the sleeper in the Yuan clan back then.
(“…waiting for chance to pounce…”)

[?]: Madam, that’s a dirty trick to prevent us from mutiny.

[SWL]: Letting go of a fat catch? Did they forget who I am?

[SWL]: We’ll partner with them, then watch who’s the one getting eaten!

[?]: Haha, you’re in a good mood, madam.

[SWL]: Hoo.

[?]: Good mood means a good appetite.

[?]: Here you go, a tasty bowl of Xiliang beef noodle.
[SWL]: My thought exactly.

[?]: Congratulations, madam, for our long awaited partnership with Ma Teng.

[?]: Also…

[?]: the Sima Clan is about to have a new boy.
(translation suggestion by reader MLee)

[?]: So, what did Young Master think of this?

[?]: What else? More the merrier.

[?]: We Sima clan has always produced a ton of boys. So will this one.

[SWL]: Zhong Da said, it’s good to have more boys, but remember one thing-

[SWL]: brothers must live in harmony.

[SWL]: Don’t forget how unfriendly Yuan Shao and Liu Biao’s sons are to their siblings.

[SWL]: Now, even Cao Cao’s sons are this way…

[SWL]: They set a precedence to avoid. That’s what Zhong Da indicated.

[?]: How is it?

[Jia Xu]: Guo Jia… is on his last breaths.

[JX]: I can’t believe you’re the one he’s concerned about the most.

[SMY]: You rushed here from a great distance away, Advisor Jia, such bond of brotherhood…

[JX]: No, I’m here to carry out his deployment.

[JX]: Of course, I was also ordered to take care of you, “the good friend”.

[JX]: It’s nice to see your family’s faces again after the storm cleared.

[JX]: This time I must personally protect you from the villains who want to hurt you.

[JX]: And that man in Jingzhou has also shown his face.

[SMY]: Are you waiting for him to fall into the trap?

[JX]: No. I’m maintaining this beneficial setup.

[JX]: You’re on our side after all.

[Cao Cao]: You mean…

[Guo Jia]: The Seventh Genius… Zhuge Liang…

[GJ]: He chose Jingzhou… as base… and allies with Liu Bei…

[CC]: …The “Crouching Dragon” of Water Mirror’s Eight Geniuses is about to enter the scene?
(“…exit mountain”)

[CC]: But the scout said he refused Liu Bei’s invitation when he felt the balance of power wasn’t right.

[GJ]: No… he’ll continue to refuse, but only as a cover…

[GJ]: By my humble judgment… he’ll agree at the third invitation…
(“if I does not mistakenly observe…”)

[CC]: I’ve taken the north and half of this world.

[CC]: Why the worry when you’ve placed me at an unbeatable position?

[CC]: Besides, Yuan Fang was the only one you were concerned about, why the sudden shift to this man…

[GJ]: My Lord,

[GJ]: Zhuge Liang may pretend not to care about reputation or the state of the world…

[GJ]: Yet for someone who once compared himself to Guan Zhong and Yue Yi, how would he settle for the ordinary?
[GJ]: I’ve always kept an eye on him. And he… kept his motives hidden out of fear of my suspicion.

[GJ]: My Lord, for a genius to make the stupid move of serving a downtrodden master like Liu Bei,

[GJ]: choosing a dead-end military base like Jingzhou… and waiting for the opportunity to strike…

[GJ]: How could he… if he hadn’t come up with a foolproof plan?

[GJ]: Don’t forget, he has two other Geniuses of the eastern region to help him step into the scene.

[CC]: Pang Tong…

[CC]: and Zhou Yu, who united the eastern region?

[GJ]: My Lord… those two are no less capable than myself…

[GJ]: Both Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang despise you, and… his trump card…
[GJ]: is his persuasion skill… and the ability to turn allies into enemies.

[GJ]: Even scarier is that the only way to challenge the south is to fill the Long River.

[GJ]: Otherwise… you’ll never have a chance to beat Zhou Yu on the water.

[CC]: Feng Xiao, is approaching death making you fearful…
(thanks to reader Jax for the translation-tweaking suggestion)

[CC]: or has the illness confused you about who’s in charge of the world?

[CC]: Disregard those three for a moment; you know full well I never employ the questionable…

[GJ]: Sima Yi must not be eliminated, my Lord… I’ve shielded him several times…

[GJ]: because he is an extraordinary talent… like you… an anti-hero during wartime…

[GJ]: but could be molded into an able-minister during peace time.

[GJ]: My Lord, I’ve made sure he won’t have the strength to revolt.

[GJ]: On the contrary… if you’re faced with a crisis in this upcoming campaign, in an attempt to prove his loyalty…

[GJ]: he will find a way…
(“with his capabilities”)

[GJ]: to save your life.

[GJ]: We’re already invincible, my Lord…

[GJ]: but we’ve also inherited the hidden worry that was fatal to Yuan Shao…

[GJ]: Underestimating the enemy…

[GJ]: That… is Zhuge Liang’s most powerful strategy…

[GJ]: Please let me set my plans, my Lord…

[GJ]: then… you may decapitate him any time!

[JX]: Zhao Yun,

[JX]: or Liaoyuan Huo.

[JX]: Liu Bei’s favorite officer and Zhuge Liang’s confidant.

[JX]: Leader of the Handicapped Warriors.

[JX]: He… should know which side to stand on.

And the man who long ago assassinated Xu Lin the Wisest-

is full of experience.


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