Ravaging Times

chapter 372

The superior man dislikes the thought of his name not being mentioned after his death

[?]: Assign… assign one…
What sorrow…

[?]: troop here… and never…

[?]: never transfer them away.

[?]: Cough… cough cough cough…

chapter 372 The Elegy of The Loving Crow
(could also translate to “…kind crow”)

[Guo Jia]: Cough!

[GJ]: Cough cough… okay…

[GJ]: Next… next batch.
[?]: Please rest a while, Advisor.

[GJ]: No… no time…

[GJ]: Next… next batch.

[GJ]: Cough cough cough cough cough!

[?]: What did Advisor Guo say?

[?]: Weird stationing; a mess.
[?]: Look at this deployment map.

[?]: Pitch camp at Huarong Path too?
(“…even [there] set camp”)

[?]: But that road is useless.

[?]: Yeah… the illness must be clouding his judgment.

[GJ]: To take Jing…
(referring to Jingzhou)

[GJ]: hard at first… attack Jiangxia…

[GJ]: Cough cough cough cough cough!

[GJ]: Can’t… talk, look at map…

[GJ]: Huff… huff… look at it yourselves…

[?]: Advisor…

[GJ]: Next…
[GJ]: summon… Xuzhou’s troop… Cough!

[?]: You’re all dismissed.

[?]: Let him rest.

[GJ]: Have… have you been promoted?

[Xun Yu]: On what grounds do I deserve to be placed among the Three Dukes…
(not sure about the exact rank, but see comment by reader MLee)

[XY]: If anyone deserves to take the position, it’s you.

[GJ]: I’m… almost dead… I can’t…

[XY]: You set down a great foundation for Han. The world is nearly at peace.

[XY]: Listen to me. Forget about everything. Rest and recoup. And then, together…

[GJ]: You… concede…

[XY]: Yes, I concede to your actions.

[XY]: Your insistence was absolutely correct.

[XY]: Admirable… Truly.
(“I…sincerely admiring”)

[XY]: Gongsun Kang has sent the heads of the Yuan brothers.

[XY]: The northern areas have submitted without a fight.

[XY]: Back in the beginning I believed there was still hope for the world if we could just stand by His Majesty.
(“…hold up…”)

[XY]: Except ten years later, the warlords still dominate their territories with armies of their own.

[GJ]: Cough.

[XY]: Like you said, they’re all for themselves. What the world needs…

[XY]: is a forceful evictor-

[XY]: who will banish all these rebels that endanger our country.

[XY]: Without a hegemon,

[XY]: the world will relive the centuries of war that was the Spring and Autumn period.

[XY]: War is cruel by nature. Tyrannical or merciful rulers are all killers.

[XY]: If our hearts are set on reform,

[XY]: let personal honor be damned.
(“…absolutely no need to care about personal glory and dishonor”)

[XY]: The so-called reform must be put into practice, as you predicted.

[XY]: Instead of centuries of war, why not destroy it all.

[XY]: Ancient martyrs sacrificed their lives for doctrine. Today men sacrifice their reputation for the big picture.

[XY]: I… really truly understand now why you kill in the name of filial piety.

[XY]: The ugly reality of life is at odds with the incorporeal ideal of righteousness.
(“real life’s ugly and evil…”)

[XY]: In this chaotic world, we’re powerless against the greed that is exposed.

[XY]: Only you of us Eight Geniuses understand mankind.

[XY]: You boast of being crow-like, for you’ve seen through the whole thing.

{sfx: pong}

[XY]: Yet, crows have a loving nature…

[XY]: They nurture,

[XY]: and they’re filial.

[XY]: They love where they came from, unashamed of the ugliness.
(not sure)

[XY]: Oh, Guo Jia…

Oh, our country…
(wordplay, “guo jia” is homonym to “guo jia”; but different tone and different hanzi)

Only you are supporting your kind in secret.

With your broken body, you uphold the only virtue of the crows-

and live up to your illustrious name.

The people here often claim of being descendents of dragon. Except in their wishful thinking, they want to build towers to reach the sky so they can become dragons. As absurdly greedy as it is- it’s also human nature.
(not sure)

Finally, men take to the sky and boast of being dragons.
What they don’t realize is that they are actually crows.

[?]: Leadership is proven through war. Guo Jia painted himself black in order to establish the foundation for Cao Cao.

[?]: The strength of Qin frightened the other six states.

[?]: The masses wished for a quick end to the war.

[?]: And Qin used that collective mentality to end the chaos.

[Zhuge Liang]: This kind of mentality creates an immovable yet twisted rationality.

[ZGL]: People are people; crows are crows.

[Zhou Yu]: Against the true meaning of propagation, mankind has not evolved.
(I changed the translation of “procreation” to “continuation”, and now to “propagation”)

[ZGL]: Let people be our priority, and righteousness our guide.

[ZGL]: The darkness will soon pass. We’re here…

[ZGL]: Here.

[ZGL]: Let’s bring the elegy of the filial pious Guo Jia to a close.


Right here.


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