Ravaging Times

volume 47

Back Cover Couplet
The melody of the Phoenix flute moves the earth; the sound of the Dragon drum shakes the heavens

Previously on Ravages
The King of Decisive Decision dies during the northern campaigns; with his last breaths he laid down the plans to conqueror the south

Ravages Afterword
A few days ago during a bus ride, a fat man of my age came up breathless.
He held a bag of game disks in one hand and a bag of high-fat fast food in another, and I knew he was hurrying home to “play til he drop”.
As I watched this unkempt but excited “Otaku”, I couldn’t help but be envious of him, feeling a surge of happy childhood memories that were supposedly forgotten.
At that moment I almost wanted to high-five the guy and hop around with him hand-in-hand.
In the end, my gaze followed him off the bus, until my childlike innocence disappeared into the masses.

Next on Ravages
The bundle of flesh held by Zhao Zi Long
is no longer a pawn
nor an order.

Traversing through tens of thousands,
and carrying a heavy burden-
since the times of Lü Bu, he has become
A God to the God of War
Volume 48
The Changban Slope



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