Ravaging Times

chapter 374

[?]: News from Jiangxia said what’s left of Zhang Wu and Chen Sun’s faction has surrendered.

[?]: Your surprise attack has resolved a tremendous crisis for Jingzhou, brother.
(“…virtuous younger-brother…”)

[?]: That’s an overstatement, my brother. If you hadn’t taken us in…
(“…older brother…”)

[?]: Haha, we’re from the same clan- why the formality?
(“…you and I ‘brothers’ mutual-referring”)

chapter 374 Loyal Subject, Corrupt Subject

[?]: Don’t be a stranger, Xuan De.
(“xuan de is really treating [me] as outsider”)

{Governor of Jingzhou, Liu Biao}
[Liu Biao]: You’re a hero of our time who bravely take on a powerful opponent despite your weaker position.

[LBiao]: Having a Loyalist such as yourself among us, the people of Jingzhou certainly gained a peace of mind. It also reinvigorates their will to protect their homeland.
(“…country-love’s fire”, nationalistic spirit, but this is a modern term)

[Liu Bei]: But brother, Jingzhou used to be a neutral territory under your leadership,

[LBei]: until your moment of kindness caused Jingzhou to become a rebel state…

[LBiao]: Cao Cao has had his heart set on Jing, so it’s merely a matter of time before he marches south.

[LBiao]: Why not think of your presence here as an aid to fight against the traitor?
(“…virtuous younger-brother comes, instead is helping Jing defend-against criminal”)

[LBiao]: Sigh.

[LBiao]: Unfortunately I kept dismissing perfect opportunities by disregarding your advice.

[LBei]: Your officers opposed the advice because they wanted to avoid war. You were right to listen to their sensible objection. Do not blame yourself.

[LBiao]: Sigh. Had we focused our attack on the capital back when Cao Cao’s main force was attacking Wuwan, maybe…

[LBiao]: they wouldn’t have recovered enough to invade us today.

[LBei]: You made great efforts to deal with Sun Quan’s incursions, brother. There was nothing improper about the way you handled it.

[LBiao]: Now that Cao Cao is strong, a retiring man like me lacks the stamina to fight for long.

[LBei]: But your two sons are talented men too!

[LBiao]: Your benevolence runs deep, Xuan De. How skilled could my two sons be to support Jingzhou…

[LBiao]: Liu Qi, my eldest, is book-smart but weak-willed. You don’t want to know what he’s like when Huang Zu isn’t there to help him.

[LBiao]: My second son Liu Cong has the support of my officers, but by rites I couldn’t…

[LBei]: Does this mean, brother, that you’re thinking of promoting the second son over the eldest?

[LBiao]: What do you think, Xuan De?

[LBei]: It’s not my place to give any advice since I’m an outsider.

[LBei]: However, I will support any decision you make.
(“as long as you wished it…”)

{sfx: ka}

[LBiao]: You put me at ease, Xuan De.

[LBei]: Oh, have you received my gift, elder brother?

[?]: What did you hear?
[?]: Don’t worry, boss. Liu Bei will also support Young Master Cong.

[?]: That’s strange. Hasn’t he always been on good terms with Liu Qi?

[?]: Sir, do you suspect…

[Cai Mao]: Yes. Liu Bei is a devious lowlife.
{Liu Biao’s General-in-Chief, Cai Mao}

{Liu Biao’s second wife, lady Cai}
[CM]: I bet he wants to cheat military power from our Lord’s hand for his support of Cong-er.

[CM]: With command over the military and the people’s leaning toward Liu Bei, it’ll be even harder to get rid of him.

[lady Cai]: The old fool’s been duped again.

[CM]: For all these years we kept Jingzhou out of war

[CM]: by pandering to both the Yuan and the Cao clans. The people here lived a good life, but sadly…

[CM]: this accursed Liu Bei insists on bringing utter ruins to Jingzhou.

[CM]: Is the secret treaty we made with Guo Jia years ago still in effect?

[?]: Guo Jia may have died, but Cao Cao said as long as we prevent our Lord from mobilizing an attack, the treaty still stands.

[CM]: Once Jingzhou changes hands to Cong-er, we’ll be able to eliminate that annoying Huang Zu.

[CM]: If we follow the plan left by Guo Jia, we’ll guarantee a lasting peace in Jingzhou.

[CM]: Let’s work together to protect Jingzhou. Anyone who gets in the way…

[CM]: won’t have long to live!

[?]: Look out!

[?]: Slow down, my Lord! We can’t keep up!

[Liu Biao]: What… what’s… gotten into…
(“this horse… what… what…”)

{horse neigh}

[LB]: Ahhhh!

[?]: Don’t let go, my Lord!

[Kuai Yue]: Kuai Yue’s coming!

[KY]: Stop!

[KY]: Stop!

[LB]: Haha, it’s no fun and games being old.
(“…age become-old, really not doable…”)

[LB]: I’d be done for had you not passed by here, Yi Du.
{note: Kuai Yue, courtesy name Yi Du, served as a military advisor under Liu Biao along with his older brother Kuai Liang}

[?]: Quiet!

[KY]: My Lord, was this horse a gift from Liu Bei?

[LB]: Ah! Yes.

[LB]: He gave me this horse when I showed a liking for it.

[KY]: Who wouldn’t when it’s an outstanding horse like Dilu?

[KY]: Too bad its tear trough under the eyes and the white dot near its forehead…
[KY]: make it an inauspicious steed.

[LB]: That’s strange. I’ve never heard of such allusion in my lifetime.

[KY]: Zhang Wu rode it to his downfall.

[KY]: And you almost lost your life riding it…

{horse neigh}

[KY]: The horse-giver must have an ill intention.

[KY]: Forgive me for saying too much, my Lord.

[KY]: Liu Bei may be a fine steed, but uncontrollable by the average man…

[KY]: Don’t forget the Xuzhou incident!

Years ago Tao Qian thrice offered Xuzhou to Liu Bei, which was followed by countless deaths and injuries…

And now Liu Bei’s intent to borrow Jingzhou to fight against Cao Cao… puts people on edge.


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