Ravaging Times

chapter 378

[?]: Our Lord thinks so highly of you, how dare you keep causing trouble!

[?]: What do you have to say for yourself in light of both evidence and witnesses!

[?]: Do you know what you did wrong? Tell us!

chapter 378 Wily Old Fox

[?]: Tell us!

[lady Cai]: My husband, please take my brother’s merits and years of services into consideration…

[lady Cai]: He just doesn’t want your Jingzhou to fall into Imperial Uncle’s hands, letting your hard-earned establishment go to…

[Cai Mao]: What nonsense you speak of, sister?

[CM]: Liu Bei is a scoundrel. He comes to Jing only to…

[?]: Shut it!

{Liu Biao’s subordinate, Zhang Yun}
[Zhang Yun]: The Imperial Uncle is devoted to Han. Can’t you even tell right from wrong!

[ZY]: I’m so ashamed to be friends with you!
(“I’m your friend, also ashamed of the association”)

[?]: Please calm down, General Zhang.
[?]: You’ll beat him to death!

[lady Cai]: Please have mercy, my husband!

[Sun Qian]: Sir,
[Liu Biao]: You have something to say, Sun Qian?

[SQ]: General Cai has always been loyal. This incident may be a misunderstanding caused by some villainous hands.
{Liu Bei’s Attendant Clerk, Sun Qian}

[SQ]: Besides, my lord does have the intention to establish himself in Jingzhou.

[SQ]: A misunderstanding is inevitable. If so, it’s all understandable.

[SQ]: Please spare Cai Mao from an execution.

[LB]: Xuan De’s kindness is no lie.

[LB]: It’s awe inspiring to see it first hand.

[LB]: Learn from this, everyone.

[LB]: Yi Ji, how’s the situation?

[Yi Ji]: Zhou Yu’s troop has occupied southern Jiangxia, and they did not withdraw this time.

[YJ]: More of their troops are arriving steadily to increase their military strength.
[YJ]: We’re defending Xiakou and are sending our main army as reinforcement.

[LB]: Old Huang Zu has finally left me…

[LB]: My old comrade is gone, and the men of Xiakou are filled with anxiety.

[LB]: Wen Ping of Hanshui has always had the people’s support, not to mention his expert military skills, how about…

[YJ]: Hanshui is a key defense position, my Lord.

[YJ]: Who would guard Hanshui if General Wen leaves his post? In this time of urgency, how about…

[CM]: Phtt.

[CM]: Damn that Liu Bei, crafty indeed!

[CM]: I fell for his trick and lost both my rank and reputation.
[CM]: Jingzhou’s renowned have all gone to his side too.

[CM]: Good thing I prepared a backup plan!

{sfx: pa}

[Zhang Yun]: Just like you said, boss, our Lord has transferred your military command over to me.

[CM]: Make good use of it. Send more spies to watch Liu Bei.

[CM]: Don’t ever let him near Liu Cong.
[ZY]: Yessir.

[Sun Qian]: So it seems you suffered no loss, General.

[CM]: Hahaha, taking a beating is better than death by the hands of your master.

[SQ]: The misunderstanding between you and my Lord is certainly too deep.

[CM]: We all know the truth, Sun Qian.

[CM]: Liu Bei wants to challenge me? Not a chance.

[SQ]: You’re right, General.

[SQ]: The Cai clan of Jingzhou is strong. How foolish would my Lord have to be to strike a rock with an egg?

[CM]: Maybe you won the hearts and minds, but I still hold the military command.

[CM]: Don’t forget my subordinates Zhang Yun and Wen Ping.

[?]: Boss, wait up.

[?]: Just as you expected, Huang Zu’s subordinates are all concentrated in Xiakou after his death,

[?]: leaving none lingering in Jingzhou…

[?]: Liu Qi is about to lose everything.

[?]: His men are packing up as soon as they heard the news.

[?]: Without backing, see… they scatter like birds and beasts.

[CM]: Looks like we’ll be swarmed tomorrow by those who want to fawn over Cong-er.

[CM]: Wait…

[CM]: Isn’t that He Fu?

[CM]: And Gao Fang, Chen Ying…
[CM]: Aren’t they Huang Zu’s subordinates?

[?]: Boss!

[?]: Xiakou’s deployment list is out. The commander isn’t our Wen Ping…

[?]: It’s First Master who has Xiakou officers’ support!

[?]: The one who’s leaving now is Liu Qi!

Zhou Yu’s army is upon Jiangxia, so Jingzhou’s main force has been dispatched as reinforcement.

Pretending to back Liu Cong to distract our attention.

Who knew… your support has always been for that insignificant Liu Qi!

The old fox wasn’t after power… He only went for the hearts and minds! Oh no…

The main force of Jingzhou is now in his hands!

After that, the main military force was transferred to Xiakou to defend against Sun Quan.

In the face of an ever-threatening Eastern navy, that redeployed army… has no hope of returning.


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