Ravaging Times

chapter 379

[?]: Look, an outpost.

[?]: All of our advancing routes are under surveillance.

[?]: Not even the former Liu Biao army could achieve such meticulous deployment…

chapter 379 The Phoenix Flute Sounds

[Zhang Liao]: I can’t believe Zhang the artist managed to capture the entire Jingzhou in his paintings.

[?]: Then that means our movement over land will be difficult.
{Cao Cao’s General-in-Chief, Zhang Liao}

[?]: Yes. Even with an advantage in military strength, we won’t have an easy time breaching their defenses based on the terrain.

[?]: You’re right. This terrain is prone to an attack by fire. Keeping up a supply line would be the hardest.
[?]: We may have more troops, but we also deplete rations faster.

[?]: If this problem isn’t resolved, we could only engage in roundabout tactics.

[ZL]: That’s right.

[ZL]: Jingzhou has a strong military, and because of Liu Biao’s ties to the Imperial clan, he has the support of his people.

[ZL]: If Jingzhou survives this attack, our army’s high morale that we’ve cultivated through the battle of Guandu will dissipate.

[ZL]: A quick and decisive battle is key.

[?]: Master Liao, then…

[?]: should we look for another route?

[ZL]: No. Guo Jia has made a foolproof plan.

[ZL]: Don’t forget, that little tiger of the southeast is more of a headache once we’re done with Jingzhou.

[?]: You mean we’re not just trying to take down Jingzhou, but to continue the sweep southward?

[ZL]: Yes.

A deadly plan for a one-hit victory.
(not sure, the syntax could also mean “a deadly plan that could be broken with one lethal strike”?)

[Sima Yi]: There are more than two hundred newly built ships.

[?]: Advisor Sima, are you sure they can go into the water?

[SMY]: Are you worried that the river would be too shallow for them?

[?]: Yes. Han River is very shallow. It couldn’t handle the warships.

[SMY]: Our Lord assigned the task to me, so just do as I say.
[?]: Yessir.

[SMY]: Sail the warships in the Han River. Guo Jia’s plan…

[SMY]: is definitely unheard of.

[Jia Xu]: But your capability is equally shocking, deputy.
(originally translated to “little assistant” based on the mocking tone, but might not be faithful to the word)
{Cao Cao’s advisor, Jia Xu}

[SMY]: I’ve already been dragged into the water.

[?]: Watch out!


[?]: The one hundred and twentieth ship down!

[JX]: We’ve come this far after only a year.

[JX]: Guo Jia was right about you being a match for Seventh.

[SMY]: Do you still want to deal with Zhuge Liang, Advisor Jia?

[JX]: Yes. If he refuses to listen to reason,

[JX]: there’s no mercy even for a brother.

[JX]: He’s dead as soon as he enters the scene.

[JX]: Tell your guy to get ready.
(could be singular person or plural, but the connotation is Liaoyuan Huo, so it’s just one man)

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Just like you planned, mister,

[LYH]: Liu Qi has taken Xiakou, and we have Jingzhou’s main force at hand.

[LYH]: Plus with Huang Zu’s death, our strained relation with the eastern region is somewhat eased.

[LYH]: So Sun Quan is poised to ally with our Lord.

[Xu Shu]: Excellent. Our Lord’s pursuit of Xiang was merely a charade when he’s actually after Xiakou.
{Xu Shu}

[XS]: Now that we’re collaborating with the eastern region geographically, we have the upper hand.

[LYH]: Since the deputy advisor has already stepped in, when will the main advisor enter the scene?

[XS]: No.

[XS]: The time isn’t right, because…

[XS]: someone wants him dead.

[XS]: Right? Leader of the Handicapped Warriors?

[XS]: How could you refuse Sima Yi’s order?

[LYH]: Of course you’d know a thing or two, being Crouching Dragon’s confidant and all.

[XS]: We kept you because you have value.

[LYH]: What value?

[XS]: Our Lord treats you like a trusted subordinate…

[XS]: ever hoping to collaborate with the Sima clan.

[XS]: How could our Lord not notice the truly capable one?

[LYH]: So then…

[LYH]: you’ve known all along the source of our funding?

[XS]: Because your Young Master has already shown his good will.

[XS]: Perhaps Kong Ming and your Young Master appreciate and sympathize with each other.

[XS]: Perhaps he had already predicted this day since that time at the Guandong Alliance camp.

[?]: Convene under the city, what a reveal.

[XS]: Great minds think alike, what an instant connection.

[XS]: It was destined.

[XS]: Listen, no one could stop Kong Ming from entering the fray.

[XS]: The same goes for your Young Master.

[SMY]: Advisor Jia,

[SMY]: I have a premonition. Without Guo Jia…

[SMY]: you are helpless to control me.

[JX]: Want to try your luck as my “sacrificial pawn”?

[SMY]: Fine, guess what, you’re no match for me.

[SMY]: Not only that, you’ll be under my command…

{sfx: pong}

[SMY]: Because I, Sima Yi…

[SMY]: am about to truly enter the fray.

Jia Xu stared blankly at that, then saw the person behind him.

That man secured Sima Yi’s new position in this war. It was enough to make him feel a cold sweat.


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