Ravaging Times

chapter 380

[?]: Not even this kind of weather could deter him…

[?]: Looks like Imperial Uncle Liu is determined to meet this man.
[?]: You folks here aren’t tired of it either?

[?]: Imperial Uncle Liu works hard and governs with kindness, but he lacks capable ministers. We, too, hope it works out.

[?]: It’s the third time already. What do you think?

chapter 380 The Dragon Drum Rolls
(“…shakes the sky”)

[?]: Haha, looks like mister Zhuge might refuse again.

[?]: Say, you’re interested in this too?
[?]: Sure, who wouldn’t be interested in this joke?

[?]: The situation took a steep dive…

[?]: As you predicted, mister, Liu Biao suddenly fell ill in this past month.

[?]: If he remains indoors, then I suppose…

[Zhuge Liang]: he’s already dead.

[Liu Bei]: You mean… Liu Biao is dead?

[ZGL]: Just look at the weather. Liu Biao must die.

[ZGL]: Today the Cai and Kuai clans will take control of all affairs.

[ZGL]: Their niece-in-law Liu Cong will be promoted to the throne, then surrender to Cao Cao.

[LB]: So then Liu Biao was murdered?

[ZGL]: Cao Cao is heading south. They couldn’t surrender if Liu Biao is still alive.

[ZGL]: Two armies will come by land and water; the former is the decoy, while the latter is the real deal.

[LB]: You mean Cao Cao will enter Jing by water?

[LB]: But… Han River is heavily guarded, and it’s too shallow to carry the warships…

[ZGL]: The Eight Geniuses are all trained in predicting the weather. They know what wind or rain shall befall Jingzhou.

[ZGL]: And this month… is the best time to break the defenses.

{sfx: sha~}

[?]: Hold on, old Zhou.

[?]: Damn it, the flood’s here! Our village’s finished!
[?]: What about downstream?

[?]: I don’t know! But our soldiers downstream… are as good as gone!
[?]: Right! The water rushed in too fast!

[?]: Chief, look over there!

[?]: Ships…

{flag reads: Cao}

[?]: It… it’s Cao Cao’s flag!

[?]: Cao… Cao Cao’s coming!

[ZGL]: The Han River may be shallow, but there’s the occasional flooding.

[ZGL]: The flood this year is worse than usual. Perhaps with added help from someone upstream.

[ZGL]: As long as the warships use this high tide to traverse southward, it won’t be long…
[ZGL]: before they carry all of their forces down the Long River.

[ZGL]: Liu Biao’s generals aren’t aware of this strategy, thus their deployed troops will be annihilated by the flood.

[ZGL]: A troop of two hundred thousand will reach south of Jingzhou and frighten all opposition.

[ZGL]: And it’s even an act of intimidation, to show Sun Quan and the Long River navy… that his warships have arrived.

[LB]: It may be shocking, but nothing beyond your prediction.

[?]: Jingzhou crumbles like a sand castle, almost too easy to take over.
(“…like mud crumbling…”)

[?]: This move would certainly boost the Cao army morale.

[ZGL]: Yes, and it plays right into my expertise of…

[ZGL]: feinting weakness.
(“underestimating the enemy”)

{sfx: ta~}
{sfx: ta~}

[?]: Hey bro, what you do that for?

[?]: Go tell Guo Jia in hell to send smarter spies.

[?]: Kill’em all.

[LB]: Guo Jia couldn’t have known how long you’ve been paving the way for us, mister.

[ZGL]: Guo Jia’s departure has definitely allowed me to rest easier.

[LB]: I understand your methods now.

[LB]: Including memorizing the Longzhong strategy.

[?]: The three visitation is meant to string the enemy along.

[Guan Yu]: The first visit led to the infighting between Liu Biao’s sons.

[Zhang Fei]: The second visit led to Jiangxia’s defense deployment for Zhou Yu.

[LB]: The third visit led to Liu Qi’s command over Xiakou and our control of Jingzhou’s main force.

[LB]: Then… the next time…

[ZGL]: Ha,

[ZGL]: the time is ripe, my Lord…

[ZGL]: I shall light the way.
(“liang, coming” or “liang is here”)

The light is here.
(wordplay on “liang”, which means “bright”)

No longer the light of dawn.


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