Ravaging Times

volume 48

Back Cover Couplet
Galloping through an army; carrying a heavy burden

Previously on Ravages
Kong Ming presents his Long Zhong stratagem; Xuan De finds a Genius in Jingzhou

Ravages Afterword
Long ago when people sought nothing but profit, a Machiavellian man like Liu Da turned a beggar boy into Liaoyuan Huo.
He never expected, however, that fate would make it a step toward the boy becoming Zhao Yun.
Liu Da lived in an era when humanity was twisted. He failed because he did not package himself within the slippery disguise of benevolence and righteousness.
The beggar boy’s metamorphosis then added insult to his injury.
There’s no greater resentment than toward the person whom you held in contempt but somehow found their right path.
The more your jealousy grows, the more contempt you feel for them. And you become more defensive, appearing even more inferior…
That’s how we are as humans. Today’s political arena is no different.

You’re the most human of all my characters, boss.
Haha, this year’s Oscars…

Next on Ravages
Keeping A-Dou hidden amidst tens of thousands of enemies!
Volume 49
An Unbeatable Godly Warrior



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