Ravaging Times

chapter 383

[?]: Our main group is here…

[?]: Follow along if you want to come with us!

chapter 383 The Invincible Navy

[?]: Just like Advisor Zhuge predicted, Xiahou Dun’s troop is encroaching from our south.
[?]: Xu Shu’s troop has laid down ambushes to hinder them using geography.

[?]: But Cao Cao’s other major force of warships has passed Xiangyang and headed for Red Cliff.

[?]: The Cao army moves lightning-fast; if they breach Xiakou in the south…

[?]: They’ll have us by the nose even when we reach our destination.

[Guan Yu]: No, Zhou Yu’s strong defense is not easy for the enemy to breach.

[GY]: The most important thing for us is to make sure the civilians and supplies reach Xiakou.

[?]: Second Master, that means Jingzhou’s main force is in Xiakou…

[?]: Xiahou Dun’s recent departure leaves Xiangyang city weakly defended, why don’t we…

[GY]: No, we won’t be able to fend off Cao Cao’s main force even if we retook the city.

[GY]: That’s Cao Cao’s attrition tactic. Besides, occupying the city makes us easy prey.

[GY]: What we can do now is to take civilians who don’t want to stay behind.

[GY]: With a population, we can turn Xiakou into another Xiangyang.


[?]: It’s Liu Bei’s troop.

[?]: Not many people, sir. Looks like they’re not here to besiege the city.

[Cai Mao]: There are a lot of Liu Bei supporters in the city.

[CM]: Be careful not to let them stir up trouble.

{Liu Biao’s councilor, Kuai Yue}
[Kuai Yue]: Stay calm, everyone; or you’ll waste Prime Minister Cao’s good intentions.

[KY]: What’s the situation at the north gate?
[?]: A large group of civilians are clambering to leave with Liu Bei.

[KY]: Don’t worry, old Cai. The Prime Minister is only thinking of Jingzhou’s future.

[KY]: Liu Bei’s years of presence in Jingzhou has made him popular among the people.

[KY]: Open the north gate so his supporters can be expelled from the city.

[Zhang Fei]: Thanks for your hard work, brother Yi Ji,

[Yi Ji]: Just like Advisor Zhuge predicted, we’ll take whoever they let go of.

[YJ]: The people of Jingzhou hate Cao Cao. Who knew there are so many of them.

[YJ]: Except…

[ZF]: What’s the problem?

[YJ]: The number has far exceeded our estimation.

[ZF]: There should be about twenty thousand people leaving based on our count. What about now?

[YJ]: There are a lot more still in the city. It’s impossible to count.

[YJ]: More men than women here. I’m afraid…

[YJ]: that Cao Cao’s soldiers have infiltrated the crowd.

[YJ]: I couldn’t refuse anyone for fear of tainting Imperial Uncle’s reputation.

[?]: They’ve blended in.

[KY]: Cooperate with the Prime Minister’s direction and Liu Bei won’t know what hit him.

[KY]: We mercifully let the people leave. If Liu Bei refuses to accept the refugees, they will complain to everyone.
[KY]: Then we’ll be able to persuade the civilians who has lost faith in us to stay.

[KY]: So you boast of generosity, Liu Bei. Why don’t you experience just how realistic…

[KY]: that hypocrisy will lead to your downfall.
(not sure how to translate this and the previous line)

{sfx: sha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Sir, our left flank is finished!

[?]: They created a current that trapped our ships!

[?]: Maintain our middle flank; watch out for the enemy’s main force!

[?]: Sir, the enemy ships have come around again!

The fifth division!

[?]: The fifth division has shown a weak point!

{sfx: pong~}


{sfx: hoo~}

[Zhou Yu]: So it is you.

[Jia Xu]: Be careful, everybody!

{sfx: foo~}

{sfx: shoo~}
{sfx: shoo~}

[ZY]: Surround their middle group and attack!

[?]: Our middle group has been surrounded, master Jia. They’re coming!

The formation testing was a success…

Our fleet has been routed.


no one is a match for him over the water!

Zhou Yu says indifferently…

I’ve also coaxed the real plan out of you, shixiong.
(“I also tested shixiong is doing what”; “shi xiong” ~ male upperclassman)


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