Ravaging Times

chapter 384

[?]: Cao Cao is heading south to unite the world.

[?]: Liu Bei is destined to be an exile for life.

[?]: In this day and age, suffering awaits those who’re blind to their road ahead.

[Zhao Yun]: Such rueful words. You haven’t changed after all these years…

chapter 384 Bright Path of the Foolish
(possibly a wordplay on Zhuge Liang’s name, “liang” means “bright”)

[ZY]: Isn’t that right, boss?

[Liu Da]: Diligently seeking my own bright path, just like you.
{Liu Da}

[?]: Only fools do nothing in this day and age.

[LD]: But the funny thing is, I could never escape fate’s plan for me.

[LD]: I toiled away half of my life, with the silver strands to prove it, until finally…

[ZY]: You’ve finally returned to Young Master’s side, boss.

[LD]: To replace you.

[?]: Cough!

[?]: Cough cough.

[?]: Cough cough cough.

[?]: Feeling better, dear?

[LD]: Birds of a feather- look at these foolish Liu Bei supporters…

[LD]: Giving up a cozy life in Jingzhou to suffer alongside Liu Bei.

[ZY]: A life in the wrong soil is no life at all.
(“not its land to grow in, will not survive”, I can’t find the official translation; it’s quoting from chapter 17, Miscellaneous Words, of Garden of Persuasions by Liu Xiang)

[?]: To each their own. The masses have made up their own minds, and that’s the way our world is.

[LD]: It’s a pity that Young Master intended for you to support Liu Bei. But now it looks like no matter how hard you try…

[ZY]: No. The tide will turn because now we have Zhuge Liang.

[LD]: Are you certain that Crouching Dragon’s resourcefulness can threaten Cao Cao?

[ZY]: We can’t jump to conclusions when the campaign isn’t over yet.

[ZY]: Neither is Young Master’s grip on power and influence final.

[ZY]: He still needs a strong opponent to pave his way to success.

[ZY]: Isn’t that right.

[LD]: You’re smart, Huo. You see what Liu Bei’s situation is like.

[LD]: Do you believe Liu Bei has the ability to turn the tide?

[LD]: There won’t be a way out if Liu Bei fails.

[LD]: Fortunately a chance has presented itself. Before the real fighting begins,

[LD]: you could kill Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang.
(“…take Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang’s heads”)

[LD]: That’ll earn Young Master the top merit.

[LD]: You could then return to collaborate with Young Master and still make something of your life.

[LD]: That’s Young Master’s flawless plan.

[LD]: Lying in wait for so long, just like you did for Xu Lin’s assassination. This should be easy for you.

[?]: General Zhao?

[ZY]: Where are you headed?

[?]: The troop has pulled out. Please hurry along!

[?]: I still have to escort the matrons to catch up to the troop!

[?]: The Cao army is hot on our tail.

[LD]: Haha, Liu Bei’s family.

{sfx: ta}

[ZY]: They have nothing to do with this, please.

[LD]: Having served Liu Bei for years, you sure learned how to be pretentious like him.

[LD]: We assassins commonly use our target’s family as bait.

[LD]: The old you were even better at this than me…

[LD]: even more cold-blooded…

[LD]: Go. You lead and I’ll help.

[LD]: Follow along.
[?]: Yessir.

[LD]: Go.

[LD]: You get to do whatever you want after this.

[LD]: A talent unappreciated is a beauty wasted.
(“wears brown embraces gold and jade, beautiful plantlife turned to animal-feed”, I can’t find official translation; it’s quoting from “Songs of Lusheng”? by Zhao Yi, Chinese source)

[LD]: I doubt you’re content to remain an assassin forever.

[LD]: This fate… is not for you.

[?]: Cough!

[?]: Hold on, my dear. It’ll be fine once we reach Xiakou.

[?]: Come, we’ll get there in just a little bit.

[?]: For our child, come… come along.

[?]: No… cough… it’ll be the same anywhere we go.

[?]: Cao Cao will keep moving south. The outcome is the same.

[?]: Don’t be discouraged. Xiakou has our Jingzhou’s main force, and the eastern region’s…

[ZY]: You should go home.

[ZY]: Your wife is right. It’ll be the same no matter where you go.

[ZY]: At least Jingzhou will be at peace.

[?]: No… not the same.

[?]: Cao Cao’s world will never be at peace.

[ZY]: Neither will it be under Liu Bei.

[?]: No. Imperial Uncle isn’t like that.

[?]: We common folks see very clearly what kind of man he is.

[?]: In this era, who doesn’t wish for a truly selfless and benevolent ruler to appear?

[?]: We’re not fools; we won’t sit idly by while the ambitious rule our lives.

[?]: I rather follow Imperial Uncle in exile than to live in fear.

[?]: General…

[?]: the bright path

[?]: is up to ourselves to find.

The benevolent man who has worn himself out for the welfare of others
(quoting from Master Meng’s praise of Master Mo)

has already made an impression in the hearts of everyone on this endless march of suffering.
(“…chaste tree route…”; not sure)


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