Ravaging Times

chapter 388

{sign reads: Changban}

[?]: Under Xun You’s command, our army has caught up to Liu Bei’s troop.

[?]: And with the help of Xiangyang’s third battalion infiltration force,

[?]: we’ve successfully plunged Liu Bei’s army into chaos.

chapter 388 Young Master Cries

[?]: Look, we’ve intercepted many of the refugees.

[?]: You would only suffer if you follow Liu Bei.

[?]: Surrender to our Prime Minister and he’ll forgive your transgression!

[?]: Xiahou En, how’s the situation?

[Xiahou En]: Jia Xu used our navy to lure Zhou Yu away.

[XHE]: And Xiahou Dun has breached many of Liu Qi’s staging grounds in Jiangxia.

[Cao Cao]: So then this has become a two-pronged attack.
[XHE]: Yessir.

[CC]: If you’re here, that means…

[XHE]: Yes. Liu Cong is dead- “by” Liu Bei’s hands.

[XHE]: Once the news reached Jingzhou’s various lords, they swerved to submit to you, my Lord.

[CC]: Excellent, though my headache persists if Liu Bei lives.

[CC]: Frankly I rather admired him back then. I was thrilled when he once pledged his allegiance.

[?]: What a pity that with treacherous intentions he has betrayed your good will.
(“except unfortunately, this person duplicitous, actually destroyed lord’s good will”)

[CC]: No. We men of differing goals and political views cannot coexist.

[CC]: Even if I regard him like a brother…

[CC]: even if we both want to save the world…

[CC]: Nevertheless… nothing can be accomplished when a house has two masters.
(quoting from “Hanfeizi”, chapter “Wielding the sceptre”)

[CC]: No mercy, even for a brother.

[?]: That man… looks familiar…

{sfx: pong}

Yes. I am a crumbling wall to him.

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Who goes there?

And he… is my bed bug.

Both with lofty aspirations, but with much divergence…

[?]: Halt, don’t move!

{sfx: pong}
The greedy dies in search of wealth; the martyr for fame.
(quoting Record of the Grand Historian, chapter Biography of Boyi)

They regard the other as the greedy one, while themselves the martyr.
{sfx: soo}

There is nothing sadder…

than this…

{sfx: pa}
{flag reads: Zhao}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

[CC]: Men, stop the advance for now.

[CC]: Command the army to surround this man first.
[?]: What?

[CC]: If Liu Bei is the ailment that brings one endless headache,
(“unpleasant ailment“)

{sfx: pa}

[CC]: this man

[CC]: is the dormant illness that will surprise us time and again.
(“unmentionable illness“; I’m not sure how to interpret this as intended?)

[?]: Birds of a feather

[?]: flock together.

Like the chaos of the world.

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}


{sfx: cha~}

[?]: A… amazing. Encircle!

[?]: Surround him!

[CC]: He’s still as fearsome as he was years ago.

[CC]: Through all my days on the battlefield,

[CC]: today I’ve finally met…

[CC]: a god of war more frightening than Lü Bu.

[CC]: Away,

[CC}: my nightmare.

[CC]: The migraine refuses to ease, however…

[CC}: the most effective painkiller is just ahead…

[CC]: My army has just arrived from Xinye.
{flag reads: Cao}

{horse neigh}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Li Dian, is that him?
{Xiahou Yuan}

{Li Dian}
[Li Dian]: No mistake about it!
(“(if he) turned to ash I’ll still recognize”)

[?]: Shit, the man we want to kill the most…

[?]: The man that gives us the biggest headache!

[Cao Ren]: Cooperate with our Lord. Set up formation and surround him!

[Cao Hong]: Haha, finally, someone worth fighting!

[?]: Look, it’s him!

When goals diverge…

even so-called brothers…

with promises made…
(“…many promises”)

[baby]: Wahh!

[CR]: Your kid?

[Zhao Yun]: No.

[ZY]: He is Liu Bei’s son.
many times…
(“many many”)

[ZY]: My Lord Liu Bei’s son.

[ZY]: My only Young Master!
(“I, Zhao Yun’s, only gong-zi”)

[ZY]: The only Young Master!

[baby]: Wahh~

And more…
(“many many”)

All history now.

[ZY]: Don’t cry, Young Master.


[ZY]: Don’t cry, Young Master.

When goals diverge, even brothers will be merciless.

Tears flow- down the Changban slope.


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