Ravaging Times

volume 49

Back Cover Couplet
Bravely challenges generals at the front; let blood paint a picture on the bridge

Previously on Ravages
The Cao army sweeps south and occupies Jingzhou; Zhao Yun engaged the enemy formation by himself

Ravages Afterword
Maybe I’ve always been really dumb. Just now have I started to understand certain truths about life.
Apparently one’s shortcomings cannot be fixed. Realize what it is, try to avoid it, that’s the only real solution.
Actually, I’ve never met a single person who could tell the righteousness of a cause, or fix their own mistakes.
Dates before mates, or judge a book by its cover; these are more so the traits of our generation. (should have? would have?)
The lines of morality in today’s society have become more and more blurred. It’s becoming harder to tell right from wrong.
Movies of the past have clear distinction between good and evil, but today we just see conflicts between people.
Villains in older cartoons are ugly; now they are the best-looking ones.
Perhaps the morality-bearers don’t need to lament how humanity is broken- for people of today are merely more like people than they used to be.

Old man, this path is not for you.
I’m still young. I’m still playing video games.

Next on Ravages
The art of the Peach Garden will only be given, not sold.
Wanna buy? Pay with life, so say I.
Volume 50
Zhang Fei of Yan



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